Topic : Photo of the Ancient Geek

Here is a (vaguely recent) photo of the Geek himself. Will this help you discover his true identity...or confound you further?! 

Why not email me to see if your guess is right, to prolong the game for everyone else!

Posted: 23/03/2006 13:47:48
By: Mags
Surely this man does not weigh 15stone.

Posted: 23/03/2006 13:56:02
By: Garry R
Is the pig being epoxied under a sheet of tinfoil?  Is the animal being forced to listen to excerpts from the Sunday Telegraph?  Is this another trick to get the weight of the crew to optimum? Is the pig being used to straighten the mast on which it is so obviously lying? Is this a new technique being advocated by the Ancient Geek?  We need to know these things if it is going to advance the Merlin fleet!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 23/03/2006 14:01:06
By: Garry R
Why has the old Geek only got one leg?

Posted: 23/03/2006 17:06:12
By: old fart
Whose pig was it?

Posted: 23/03/2006 17:33:36
By: Analyst
so he was a train driver then..... (hat)

Posted: 23/03/2006 17:38:00
By: jones the steam
Is that Danish bacon?

Posted: 23/03/2006 18:09:54
By: Analyst
so he's not the chief rabbi either!

Posted: 23/03/2006 18:31:44
By: john
Cracking bit of crackling!!!!!!!

Posted: 23/03/2006 18:44:46
By: Analyst
If you look the legs are crossed in Dubarry Yotting Boots! The pole the animal is suspened on is actuall an upright from a long defunct horse box. The pig was Danish called rather unoriginally Naploen one of a brace we run annually in the orchard so it came pre-apple sauced

Posted: 23/03/2006 18:53:31
By: Ancient Geek
Oh yes the cap, no not a train driver, nor despite the three stars a Brigadier in the jordainian Army! But the badge of the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY.) which Grey Goose may remember fondly from when he crewed for Robin Judah in the Hornet World Chamionships in the late 1950's at Rungstead one of the KDY Harbours north of Copenhagen

Posted: 23/03/2006 19:41:45
By: Ancient Geek
Norris of coronation street? Didn't know he used to sail Merlins

Posted: 23/03/2006 21:08:15
By: Nigel 3280
Norris from Corie lol, it could be

Posted: 23/03/2006 21:22:15
By: RussHopkins3374
You're right,it was me on the Hornet's sliding seat in that photo in Elvstrom's book. The last pic in the sequence shows us capsized after gybing. She was by far the oldest and the crappiest Hornet in the fleet, very Robin Judah! The decks and double bottom leaked like a sieve and it took 10 minutes to drain the water out when we eventually got ashore. Nevertheless we were 2nd in that Copenhagen World Championship.

Posted: 23/03/2006 22:46:39
By: Greygoose
A little respect gentlemen for Robin would not go amiss - after all he is an International Umpire/Judge.  Seen AT R Lym this millennium in fine fettle.

Posted: 24/03/2006 06:10:32
By: Antoine of Lymington
Last saw the fella with the hat, pig, boots, dodgy mast & Sunday Torygraph @ the Zoo when he was 21!
Wonder how his sister is?

Posted: 24/03/2006 06:14:31
By: Antoine of Lymington
Robin was probably the best helmsman who never won the M/R Champs (apart perhaps from John Harris),I really enjoyed sailing with him. In 1956 we won the RAF Champs in a Firefly, then there was Merlin Rocket no.599 'Mint Julep" in 1956 and Hornet no.298 1n 1960. I also sailed with Robin in his elderly Tyler Soling (no.17?). In the early 70s we were 7th in the European Champs in Norway and 2nd in Bermuda. My description of Robin's Hornet could equally have been applied to his Soling! Robin did buy a new Elvstrom boat for his failed attempt to get into the Olympic team for the second time.

Posted: 24/03/2006 07:49:28
By: Greygoose
Yes Antoine, I remember Geek's sister. Didn't she marry er... ?

Posted: 24/03/2006 07:53:27
By: Wishful Thinking
Geeks sister, Another bit of cracking crackling.

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:10:07
By: Analyst
I would like to to add to a remark I made in the post I wrote about Robin probably being the best hemsman who never won the M/R Champ. as follows - (apart perhaps from David Child and John Harris). David was done out of the 1965 Champs by a stupid Championship rule which was subsequently amended.

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:19:04
By: Greygoose
Sister is the divorced mother of three delightful adults one daughter a teacher son a Fellow of Brasenose College and a Professor at a Ivy League University in the USA other daughter a Office Manager of a serious consulting firm, sister herself teacing slysdexic children on a one to one basis.

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:21:56
By: Ancient Geek
I think I would add Robert Harris to that list too he was always a great sportsman I remember for instance a Sondown Cup at Thamesis he could have won because the rest of us sailed an extra lap, he pointed out a points addition error to Laurence Hartje father of Will,that let David Child win and his brother John come second. A great sevant to sailing when he was captain of Cadets at Minima they all admired him so much and do you know they had fun!

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:29:52
By: Ancient Geek
Bit of crackling eh. Can't remember, I was a newly married man then, didn't look at other women!

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:30:38
By: Wishful Thinking
Wow.....this is what forums are for!

My day in the office has already started with a big cheesy grin reading these threads. Keep it going AG, GreyGoose, Antoine, et al..

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:34:06
By: Richard Battey
She's still a very goodlooking woman but not on the market "The Lodger" put her off men for life!

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:39:40
By: Ancient Geek
That's very kind of you Ancient Geek but I think you're slightly wrong about that Sondown cup meeting. My memory is that the 14s were also racing at Tamesis that weekend. The upper mark was below the finish line and six laps were set. It was Olympic gold medallist and doyen dinghy racing Stewart Morris who went round an extra lap and all the other 14s naturally followed the Master. I won the Sondown cup in "Dizzy" no.490 and in his speech Stewart referred to becoming dizzy with so many laps to go round.

Or maybe you're thinking of another Sondown Cup weekend. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to remember the events of 50 years ago!

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:58:04
By: Robert Harris
Just when we seem to have Ancient Geek sorted out suddenly Antoine of Lymington and Greygoose pop into the closet - now do we have to guess who they are?

Posted: 24/03/2006 08:59:10
By: Garry R
"The Lodger". Yes, now I remember his name. I can't remember the numbers of the several Merlin Rockets he owned but I can remember drinking in his illegal unlicenced nightclub on my stag night.

Posted: 24/03/2006 09:15:31
By: Wishful Thinking
It wasnt the Almighty,
Who lifted her nighty,
It was Roger the Lodger,
The Sod.

Posted: 24/03/2006 09:22:32
By: Analyst
Interestingly enough as far as my memory serves both Grey Goose and Wishful Thinking were boats owned by my dad.

Posted: 24/03/2006 09:53:58
By: Will Harris
First lines were 
There was young lad of Nod
Who thought little babies came from God

Posted: 24/03/2006 11:33:00
By: Ancient Geek
I'm thinking of a later one than that, think 1966?
Emma Peel? It is llikely given that Tammy laid the turning down stream of the finish line, Laurence ,liked to catch us out! It had happened before, but it did happen in 1966 I can assure you and Robert went into the "Good Book" for ever as a result.

Posted: 24/03/2006 11:35:44
By: Ancient Geek
I remember it as:
There was young lady of Cape Cod
Who thought all babies came from God
But it wasn't the Almighty...etc..etc

How this related to the original thread I have no idea, but that seems to be par for the course for the forum.

By the way, I think I met Robin Judah who was officiating at the 14 Worlds in Bermuda in 2001. Nice chap as I remember. Or was that Shorty Trimmingham...too many Dark and Stormies I'm afraid

Posted: 24/03/2006 11:50:59
By: Mark Nicholson (Mad Jack)
Woof Woof....

Posted: 24/03/2006 12:15:52
By: Growler
Imagine if you were a pig from outer space looking at that picture...

Posted: 24/03/2006 12:19:27
By: Blackie
If you can imagine that, you've definitely had too many Dark 'n' Stormies.

Posted: 24/03/2006 12:39:17
By: Hard at Work
Hi Mad Jack. Robin is an international judge these days and he does live in Bermuda. Might also have been Shorty Trimingham because I think he also lives in Bermuda. He won the 1954 POW at Weymouth in 'Barilea'.

Posted: 24/03/2006 12:57:37
By: Robert Harris
AG, your old housemaster (which school by the way? Sherborne?) would be turning in his grave.

There once was a clever old man
Who wrote verse that just didn't scan
When asked why this was
He replied 'It's because

Posted: 24/03/2006 15:03:13
By: Bill
It was Robin at the 2001 14's I think Shorty has passed on to the great department store in the sky?

Posted: 24/03/2006 19:07:00
By: Ancient Geek
It was Oundle and my housemaster has a second Television Career on Call my Bluff - one Arthur Marshall.

Posted: 24/03/2006 19:07:56
By: Ancient Geek
Are you confusing it with:?
Boston the town of the cod
Where lodges speak only to Cabots
And Cabots speak only to God

Posted: 24/03/2006 19:09:39
By: Ancient Geek
You've got 40 posts out of it so far, what's next?

Posted: 24/03/2006 19:31:26
By: Genevieve

Posted: 24/03/2006 23:33:14
By: john
42= The Meaning of life (according to Douglas Adams!)

Posted: 25/03/2006 12:15:18
By: Ancient Geek
Ah yes Sweet Genevieve the point is..
"The days may come, the days may go,
But still the hands of memory weave
The blissful dreams of long ago."
Talking of which lost any tillers recently?

Posted: 25/03/2006 15:49:49
By: Ancient Geek
John I was going to say that immediately after my post but I thought it might become a bit repetitive and it did.

Posted: 25/03/2006 18:21:34
By: Genevieve
had to leave the door open for douglas adams!

Posted: 25/03/2006 21:13:08
By: john
Second clue....slightly more recent I think.

Posted: 04/04/2006 09:33:10
By: Mags
Nice decks !

Posted: 04/04/2006 09:39:44
By: .
There was a young girl of Cape Cod
Who thought babies were fashioned by God.
But 'twas not the Almighty
Who hiked up her nighty;
'Twas Roger the lodger, by God!

Posted: 04/04/2006 09:56:52
By: Meeky Chunkey
so when does the game end ? will the mystery be solved ?

Posted: 12/05/2006 12:48:24
By: who is he
That looks like Burnham Corinthian...

Posted: 12/05/2006 13:15:29
By: Blackie
It is Burnham in January! first sail of a new boar in 2000 two more new boats since then.

Posted: 12/05/2006 13:39:14
By: Ancient Geek
So  he's Loaded ( New Dragons are about 60k a pop from Paul Yo Ho Ho), comes from Burnham (can't be many wealthy individuals down there or the RBYC wouldn't be about to close), this is gonna be easy, wait one!

Posted: 12/05/2006 13:43:52
By: Spotter
He didnt say they were Dragons so he could be skint.

Posted: 12/05/2006 16:49:32
By: The Cynic
looked like a Dragon to me!

Posted: 12/05/2006 18:02:17
By: Spotter
It's a Dragon OK and it about time you all knew who he.....hang on my phones ringing...

Posted: 13/05/2006 09:03:08
By: Genevieve
Don't sail in UK much.
Yes it's a Dragon. That and ex-wives keeps me poor!

Posted: 13/05/2006 10:37:08
By: Ancient Geek
Song of the Ancient Geek

Now listen a while and I'll sing you some phrases,
Recall faded glories and honor the dead;
And I hope that a smile will crack all of your faces,
And care and all worry escape from your head,
I'll sing of some lads of exceptional quality,
All of them geniuses, truly unique;
And a gambler who'd bet the last bill in his wallet
Would wager I sing of the Ancient Geek,

For philosophy mighty and pure cogitation
There's none to compare to the Ancient Geek;
If thinking were drinking and jollification,
An ocean of booze would have lasted a week,
Grey Goose,Blake (Not the poet.), and good old Warren,
Fowler, Shelly (Not the poet!), S-Cooper too;
Don't forget Judah, his blood should be bottled,
There played with the whole piratical crew.

Now Homer composed a poetical potion
Of versification, the best in the world;
He juxtaposed Greeks and athletical Trojans,
And to the equation he added a girl.
He called it the Iliad, rhyming until he had
Filled up his brain and a ten-gallon hat;
When he started the Odyssey, friends said "My God is he
Going to remember a mouthful like that?"

Now, Hippocrates, surely the first of physicians,
Gave medical science a shot in the arm:
"A doctor," he said, "must obey one condition:
Whatever you do, don't you do any harm."
His mother was pleased with his fine occupation,
His fortune applauded by folks far and near;
But he secretly grieved that his earthly duration
Preceded the yacht club by two thousand years.

So three cheers for this sailing collection,
May songs in their honour forever be sung;
May each singer be granted a standing ovation
And glorification from each leather lung.
An age of pure gold, reflected in brilliance,
But soon, we are told, the whole joint rent to pot;
For though genius infected these men by the millions,
Not one good woman graced the whole sorry lot.

Posted: 13/05/2006 15:37:15
By: Homer (Ancient Greek Poet.)
I dont know, I can think of a few!

Posted: 13/05/2006 20:14:48
By: Barry Dunning
Surely "good" and "[email protected] are hopefully an oxymoron!
We need more "bad" ones!

Posted: 14/05/2006 15:53:25
By: Ancient Geek


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