Topic : Up a creek without a paddle

I received the Magazine and Merlin Rocket Fixtures book. I eagerly showed my wife and mother who was here at the time. "Look The Bolton Open 11th June!" to which my wife replied "You won't be doing that it's our 10th Wedding anniversary on the 8th and you said you'd take me away."

So how do I get out of that one! I want to sail but without the pain of divorce.

Posted: 03/03/2006 17:24:29
By: Nigel 3280
Book up a great weekend/week away, but for the weekend before. Obviously you just can't find anything on the weekend after can you.

Posted: 03/03/2006 17:37:39
By: Alan F
is Bolton not 'away' enough for her then?

Posted: 03/03/2006 18:41:54
By: Ben 3451
Unfortunately Bolton is my home fixture which is 15 mins away.

Posted: 03/03/2006 18:52:41
By: Nigel 3280
I dont know how well you get on with your Mother in law? but what about booking a weekend away in Paris for two then tell the M/L that she might love to go shoping in Paris with her daughter as a thank you from yourself. If you announce this in front of your wife what sort of reaction would you get? After all two women lots of shops, they just wont miss you.
Leaving you to go sailing.
With apoligies to my wife & the rest of the fairer sex!
No your right I wouln't have the nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 03/03/2006 19:10:05
By: Barry Watkin
You must know me. Mother in law? Not spoken in 8 years. Paris! my wife is French. What sort of reaction from my lady wife???? "NUCLEAIRE"!!!!

Posted: 03/03/2006 19:45:42
By: Nigel 3280
Opps! sounds a bit costly! one way or another. 
Regards Barry.

Posted: 04/03/2006 07:45:01
By: Barry Watkin
In short you're stuffed!

Posted: 05/03/2006 12:23:15
By: Ancient Geek
This is easy; you take her away on the 8th, and come back on the 9th, perhaps bringing her back with you...


Posted: 06/03/2006 08:01:48
By: Chairman GGGGGG
Went with Alan F's advice and suggested that we go the weekend prior but the lovely Florence was a bit reluctant (Curious). When pressed it was revealed that she had a life class that weekend (painting, her hobby).

Bingo, unstuffed!

Posted: 07/03/2006 16:08:11
By: Nigel 3280
She doesn't fancy Easter in Scotland as a goodwill gesture?

Posted: 07/03/2006 16:14:11
By: Garry R
Male or female model??

Posted: 07/03/2006 18:50:54
By: Ancient Geek


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