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Great article about the Merlin Class on the Daily Sail web site today. 
It was brought to my attenion my one of my customers today while here in Valencia, he asked showed me his computer and said dont you sail one of these!!

Posted: 28/02/2006 18:41:32
By: Rob Wilder
Only £24+ to read the article!!!

Posted: 28/02/2006 18:47:55
By: Ancient Geek
They are offering a free ten day trial which they go on to say you will not be charged until the trial period has expired or if you cancel your trial! So how is that free then? If they charge you if you cancel it or when it expires it is only free if you subscribe!

Pity i wanted to see that article but if i subscribe to everything i would have to sell my boat to pay for it!!

Can't make it to the dinghy show either unfortunatly otherwise i would have offered my presence on the stand.

Posted: 01/03/2006 08:30:05
By: Jeremy3550
Jeremy i cant make it to the dinghy show either, mainly to do with the working weekend thing again! me thinks i need to hurry up and get a new job.

Posted: 02/03/2006 00:09:57
By: RussHopkins3374
I just got a new job but unfortunatly it still involves working weekends!! Still at least i don't have to worry about working Sundays. Russ, are you sailing at Banbury on the 25th or can you not get the day off? I have managed to as it is my birthday so i pulled a birthday day off card!!

Posted: 02/03/2006 10:29:17
By: Jeremy3550
No chance of getting it off, i'm saving my holiday until Abersoch race week, and the only agreement with the better half is that if we go to Abersoch then i have to take her abroad, having said that the job front is looking good so if i have a new job by then i will defo be there

Posted: 02/03/2006 19:26:23
By: RussHopkins3374
Going to Abersoch is abroad, in the sense that it is in a different country to England, and the language is foreign to seasnegs.

Two birds with one stone - leaves the pocket full!

Posted: 02/03/2006 19:33:48
By: stirer
That is a true story! Now all you need to do is to convince my misses and i'm free to do some opens

Posted: 02/03/2006 22:14:37
By: RussHopkins3374
Just a hint. I have recently downloaded lots of books using rapidshare and megaupload and it works nicely, so if someone has too much time and is able to see the article, uploading would be really appreciated (yes I know it's a bit naughty). Also as there seems to be no plans for a reprint of the MR book, a scanned version would be really usefull.
Lake still frozen up here.

Posted: 03/03/2006 19:06:46
By: TH & 3261


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