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any ideas on how to get a measurement certificate? i went onto the RYA website to see if they can reissue one to me as the previous owner could not find the MC. could not find a thing on there since they have redone it. apon reading the class rules, on the old MC my boat sjhould have done a buoyancy test, an i required to do another one if i get a new MC i believe i also need to change ownership with the RYA? lastly, any body know any good insurers with good rates? thanks guys!!

Posted: 24/02/2006 12:49:53
By: MR 1018
hope this makes sense?

Posted: 24/02/2006 12:50:25
By: MR 1018
You reminded me that I needed to do the same thing. I have just spoken to the technical dept. at the RYA (0845 345 0383). If they have the measurement info. for your dinghy on their system, it is a matter of writing to them and asking for a new certificate - cost for new members is £15.00

Posted: 24/02/2006 13:13:35
By: Nigel C (3354)
Most of the info you need is here...

Posted: 24/02/2006 13:21:07
By: Mags
Bishop Skinner for insurance

Posted: 24/02/2006 13:34:49
By: .
I've had claim free boat insurance for over 26 years claim free.
but last year I had the misfortune to make a claim last year and found Bishop skinner very good indeed the premium was fair and the customer service and claim settlement very fast, fair and efficient.
I can't recomend them enough.

Posted: 24/02/2006 13:40:07
By: scott 3072
mags, i tried that link but could not find anything on the RYA site for measurement certificates. 

do you guys have any contact info for bishop skinner?

Posted: 24/02/2006 14:12:23
By: MR 1018

Posted: 24/02/2006 14:37:12
By: .
For the last few years the RYA have renewed certificates free at the Dinghy Exhibition in March.  I have checked with them to see if they are doing it again, and while they are not carrying out the renewal at the show this year, they will advise on problems, and if you take the certificate with you they will take it away and send you the replacement free.

Worth doing..


Posted: 24/02/2006 15:06:28
By: Chairman GGGGGG
Bah - I see the RYA have changed their link. Anyway, the info you wanted was on that page still: you need to send off for a new certificate, and pay them. Don't need the old one if you havent got it. 

Then to get bouyancy endoresment you just sign the certificate in the presence of a class measurer. You are basically signing to say that you personally know for a fact the boat floats when swamped!

Posted: 24/02/2006 15:32:24
By: Mags
Found the link (at last - no thanks to their navigation system).
And the fee is £20 now.

Posted: 24/02/2006 15:59:19
By: Mags
It gets better - I used the enquiry link for their email to ask what was needed for a new cert and the mail was returned as unknown address!!!  I think you should ask if you could re-vamp their site Mags (voluntarily of course!!!)

Posted: 24/02/2006 16:10:23
By: Garry R
if you are about sunday pop in for a chat

Posted: 24/02/2006 22:04:56
By: floppy toppy
hey floppy, i believe i will be sailing on a laser 2, so i will be coming over for a drink! see you sunday!

Posted: 25/02/2006 00:49:03
By: MR 1018
Just to correct Mags comment on the witness needed for annual buoyancy check - according to rule 16c, para 2, the owners signature mut be witnessed & endorsed by a club/class official so no need to find a class measurer.

As for RYA, just ring them up and ask for the Technical Department.

Posted: 25/02/2006 12:07:46
By: RichardT
Best place for insurance is

Posted: 25/02/2006 16:19:54
By: Bob2926
have you ever been unfortunate enough to have to claim though ? they may be a bit cheaper .... but ....

Posted: 25/02/2006 17:51:08
By: subjective


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