Topic : Midland Circuit dates 2006

Dates for your 2006 diary.

March 25 Banbury (ST)
March 26 Midland (ST) (evening at Midland Sailing Club on 25th)
April 30 Rutland (ST)(training event too!)
May 14 Shustoke
May 21 Trent Valley
June 4 Earlswood
Sept 3 Bartley
Sept 23 Blithfield (day 1 of Inlands)
Oct 15 Sutton

Sorry no sea event in Midlands this year.

Posted: 15/01/2006 11:11:38
By: Midland Circuit Chap
Looks good to me even in the absence of sea meeting.  Just have to keep hoping for global warming.

Be nice to see you in MCC tie and striped blazer!

Posted: 15/01/2006 13:04:36
By: RichardT
The Midland Circuit dates don't seem to have made it to the main fixture list as yet.  Is it the absence of a sea meeting that makes them unacceptable or is it Steve's MCC tie???

Posted: 05/02/2006 18:19:12
By: Disgusted? (Not of Tunbridge Wells)
The purists always keep better exclusive circuits separate from the Silver Tiller.

However, the 9 events are clearly outlined in the forthcoming yearbook and on the website section under Regional circuits.

Thank you for your support. We'll save the Radio 4 theme yet.

Posted: 07/02/2006 09:47:42
By: Midland Circuit Chap
Not sure what MCC has been on but obviously suffering from delusions - only fixtures listed on Midland Circuit page are Banbury, Midland & Rutland?

Posted: 07/02/2006 11:59:23
By: Test Match Special
Still no sign of any Midland events apart from first three appearing on the Fixture list yet?

For southerners like Mags, the Midlands are south of Scotland!

Posted: 01/03/2006 13:31:49
By: Birmingham Screwdriver
It's all south of Scotland - but they do say that when someone emigrates from Scotland to England the average IQ of both nation rises!!!!  Discuss?  LOL

Posted: 01/03/2006 13:48:54
By: Garry R
I will pass your message on to the fixtures secretary. Don't know how he has forgotton some of them...

Posted: 01/03/2006 14:31:37
By: Mags
The dates are all confirmed (just).  They should be on the website, certainly in the Mag and indeed on the forum.

Posted: 01/03/2006 18:45:51
By: Midland Circuit Chap
Given the impending shortage of water in the South predicted on the BBC website, plan your dates for the Midlands!

(OK, i dont think the sea is going to dry up, but why so desperate for the need to melt the ice caps. Luckily, the Midlands wont be flooded even if we rise sea level by 8m metres!)

Posted: 01/03/2006 18:49:22
By: Midland Circuit Chap
too stupid to choose to stay in Scotland but cleverer than those in the destination?

Posted: 01/03/2006 18:51:56
By: IQ
The noblest sight a Scotsman sees is the high road that leads to England so said the great Dr Johnson but in this he was wrong! Though he was right about oats!

Posted: 01/03/2006 19:35:06
By: Ancient Geek
Midland Circuit dates appear on page 3 of Fixtures 2006 booklet and on page 18 of magazine.  Had my copies today.

Posted: 01/03/2006 19:39:17
By: Mike Anslow
Yes they are in the magazine but not in the fixture list in the mag but the point being made is that they do not appear on the fixture list on the website nor on the Midland circuit page on the website.

We don't seem to have joined up the dots! Perhaps global warming can't come soon enough? Only an 8m rise to flood Brum - sounds good value to me.

Posted: 01/03/2006 22:55:10
By: RichardT
Oh yes - one has to have ones oats

Posted: 01/03/2006 23:35:29
By: Dr J


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