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Whilst planning our 06 season last night we were disappointed no ST meeting is listed for Abersoch is this right? Being based up north to travel to the South Coast to get a sea result will no doubt impact on Northern Qualifiers !

Posted: 10/01/2006 13:47:12
By: JC
Yes - I think William Warren may be away skiing but I know about this.

South Caernarvnonshire Y C would not undertake to run an event for us as only 14 boats went last year. They don't consider it worthwhile as running sea events is costly and time consuming for the volunteers, race comitte boats, rescue boats etc.
It was by far the poorest turn out in the ST Circuit.
There were only 5 boats from northern clubs!

It was an excelent meeting however - those of who went had a good racing and Abersoch is a lovely place.
So - if anyone has influence lets use it to get back in 2007 - or maybe to Pwllheli (just down the coast) as our Championships are due to be there next year.
I can recomend the sailing - it is more like 'real sea sailing' with excelent waves and experienced organisation.

Anyway the moral is - Support these events or we loose them!!

Posted: 10/01/2006 14:19:24
By: Pat Blake - ex fixtures man
Thanks Pat for explaining why the meeting has been dropped - last year the forcast of high winds put us off due to our lack of sea sailing experience others may have stayed away for similar reasons . Given the strong attendance at meetings such as Rutland Blithfield etc im sure sufficient demand exists for a sea meeting within a reasonable drive of the North and Midlands as not everyone is able to travel as much as the frontrunners in the ST do .

Posted: 10/01/2006 14:53:22
By: JC
This thread hasn't been started by this JC - so will change my Forumn title in future.

But to get back to Abersoch - Pat is right it is great sailing but it is a long way from anywhere and takes an age (6hrs at least) from Whitstable. So it is not really a starter for a weekend for us. I think the lack of entries from northern sailors says it all.

Posted: 10/01/2006 15:57:16
By: John Cooper
Sorry to use your forum name will change mine as you were in first . If fellow sailors in the North are not interasted in a sea meeting within approx 3hrs drive then this is a poor reflection on them . Maybe a Northern Circuit is the answer to my woes !

Posted: 10/01/2006 16:08:04
By: JC
I think it's a real shame.  Those of us that have made the trek have usually been rewarded by a stonking yot every year.  The turnout last year was more than a little disappointing 'tis true.  Hopefully it'll be back for next year...

Posted: 10/01/2006 21:02:47
By: deepy
The problem is its still about 4-5 hours for me as well, and its over 2 days which means overnight expence.

Posted: 11/01/2006 21:46:29
By: DaveF
Abersoch. Its a great place to sail.  Almost in the Midlands but a better motorway network from the North so like to think of it as their event.

Hope to see it back soon.

Wanted. Sea near Birmingham, but not to high up cos of flooding possibilities. Should I try advertising on C-Bay?

Posted: 11/01/2006 22:15:17
By: Midland Circuit Chap
Search on Gluggle!!

Posted: 12/01/2006 14:04:57
By: Low in the water
Burn more carbon fuels to speed up global warming so that the Severn sea comes up to Evesham!

Posted: 14/01/2006 13:01:35
By: (In)-Organic


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