Topic : Anybody got any details on the ALN boats built in the 60s,vintage wing

I have an ALN boat 2180, built in the late  60s has anybody got any images or details of the boats or boat yards history. Only a handful were made as far as I can tell. I am particularly intereseted in taking part in a vintage race. Is it taken seriously as we are weekend sailors with only a few club sails under or belt.Is the boat too new to be considered vintage?

Posted: 23/12/2005 23:09:00
By: pete nash
Look at the vintage section of the page.

All boats over 30 years old will qualify, that means that this year below sail number 3005 and you are in.

Posted: 24/12/2005 09:11:13
By: Nigel 3280
2180 "The Jackpot" was built by Aln Boatyard at Alnmouth late in 1968.
She is an Xpectant design by Martin Jones and many boats were built to this successful design. Alan Warren and Barry Dunning finished 2nd in the 1967 Champs at Poole in 2018 Krakatoa. The late Chris Andrews finished 3rd in the 1968 Champs at Falmouth with 1903 the original Xpectant. Richard Davis rubbed it in when he finished 4th in 2079 Furious at the Whitstable Champs in 1969. These 3 boats were built by Rowsells at Exmouth. I think the Greenhalgh family had 2 Xpectants at Hollingworth built by Aln and Keith Steele had one there built by Rowsells called Slave Girl. I remember we had a MK XV11 at the time and couldn't keep up with any of them.

Posted: 24/12/2005 15:34:00
By: Tony Lane
Aln boats are indestructable! Not always down to weight, but very sound and strong.

2681 Atomic Mustard dominated Midland for many years, even after the first deck stepped boats started to appear.

We still have 2706 The Entertainer (Hornblower) and 3175 (NSM) at the club and both are cracking boats.

Posted: 24/12/2005 18:48:40
By: Chris M
Where do you sail?

Come along to the Vintage Open at Banbury next August and you'll find a warm welcome. The racing is not taken too seriously.

Posted: 26/12/2005 14:22:39
By: RichardT
......or alternatively the CVRDA Open event at Frensham Pond SC, if you are anywhere near the Farnham/Guildford area. Several vintage Merlins grace our waters each July, so you'd be very welcome. 2006 dates are Jul 15th/16th.



Posted: 27/12/2005 17:30:04
By: nick cliborn
There's a number of CVRDA events next year, including Brightlingsea in Essex. You're eligible for any of them so check for details. We bought 2121 because we enjoyed the CVRDA events which are more about getting the boats out and socialising than who wins.

Posted: 07/01/2006 08:38:30
By: Pat
Send me your address and Phone No. and I will add to our Vintage mailing List

Posted: 19/01/2006 17:13:25
By: Mervyn Allen


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