Topic : Scottish Merlin Open Easter 06

Strathclyde Loch is well worth a look.

Its right on the M74 jct 6 near Glasgow and Edinburgh and has great facilities though not massive water, it is good enough for the special olympics and jetski and rowing comps in adition to regular dinghy racing

This is an easy to tow-to venue less than 1/2 a mile from the motorway for everyone north, south, east and west
Acomidation shouldn't be a problem and within 10mins drive to the shopping centers, mutiplexes, fast-food and all.

Also look at

Posted: 22/11/2005 18:14:49
By: scott 3072
the first thread of this subject seems to be full, so we shall start again.

Posted: 22/11/2005 21:56:00
By: scott(3072)
Did that used to be Pollock?

Posted: 23/11/2005 10:41:03
By: Ancient Geek
Can we please use this thread for continuing discussion on the Easter jolly as it seems that some of us can't load page 2 - well it seems that Scott and I can't!!

Posted: 23/11/2005 10:55:01
By: Garry R
Oh dear...I've failed you again....
You're right - there's a bug, and it wont load.

Posted: 23/11/2005 11:03:59
By: Mags
I've closed the old topic now, to stop it growing. Probably better than having to wait to load 104 comments anyway.

So Hamish, whats the plan? We're all eager here, we just need to know where we're driving to. Never mind the cold, we just want a bit of water wider than the Thames, somewhere to get a drink, and maybe something to keep the wives/kids quiet....

Posted: 23/11/2005 11:21:52
By: Mags
We have sorted the venue. There`s more water than you can shake a carbon pole at, a great clubhouse where they can do the evening entertainment etc and its still close enough to Edinburgh for a trip in. The only reason for the change was a monster tide and no where to hide if the wind dropped and turned the racing into a joke. The new venue has plenty of options. I`m not naming the club untill all the fine details are fully sorted but I promise to tell you first and soon.

Posted: 25/11/2005 21:35:15
By: Calum
Just when you thought it was dead and burried  - we're back and we're about to sort something out with maggs so everyone knows whats going on.
Watch this space...

Posted: 20/12/2005 18:17:29
By: hamish
Event sorted, Catering Sorted, Bar sorted, competitors start your engines. there will be a piece on the website shortly explaining all....

Posted: 12/01/2006 18:31:58
By: hamish


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