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Where oh where do you buy square hoops fom guys i have the old round version and would like to fit traveller system is any modification needed ??

Posted: 14/11/2005 21:06:07
By: Russ Hopkins
Russ, you can get one made.  Suggest you look at some of the ones available as there are a variety of systems for the traveller.

Critical is getting the height and width right. What are you sailing?

Posted: 14/11/2005 22:33:10
By: Jon
Most older wooden merlins have 'sockets' on the floor & bulkhead which locate the hoop unless you wish to remove these you'll probably have to get a hoop custom built to fit(same height as your previous). Any good metal worker should do the job,Have a look at other boats to see there basic enough the photos/rigging site on this site boat 34** has some good shots, You might be lucky that the Winder boats hoop will fit, give them a call you never no!  good luck Barry.

Posted: 15/11/2005 07:21:40
By: Barry Watkin
jon, sailing a NSM4

Posted: 15/11/2005 08:43:42
By: Russ Hopkins

Contact Guy or David Winder (Winder Boatyard) They can provide you with a bare hoop or one complete with traveller.

Their number is listed on the web under builders.

Good luck

Posted: 15/11/2005 09:04:48
By: Richard Battey
Phone number is at link below. Winder dont have a website.

Posted: 15/11/2005 09:10:56
By: Mags
Just a note of caution before you splash out your cash - the rig on 3374 was not designed to work with a square-topped hoop and just by fitting one you will not markedly improve your performance.  Having sailed against Tim Harridge in this boat for a couple of years I would say unequivocally that your best investment would be in a good suit of sails as the ones you have acquired the boat with are pretty clapped out.  This raises a small problem as modern sails designed for the bendy deck stepped rig will not really be suitable.  Good sails for a stiffish hog-stepped rig as per Rhapsody in Blue are actually quite sought-after and may be hard to find.  Probably your best bet is with one of the sailmakers that have a stock of 2nd hand sails that could be recut if required.  Depends on your budget, but I would definitely save up for this rather than spending out on the hoop FWIW.

If you are considering the square topped hoop you really should go the whole way and have a deck-stepped conversion with a new mast (ideally carbon) and all the string. That is serious money - get a decent set of sails and start sailing the boat, if you like Merlins you can upgrade as we all have over the years.


Posted: 15/11/2005 11:44:33
By: AndrewM
Or cheap upgrade is to copy Alan Fullers transom sheeting arrangment if your just tryimg to get the main in to the centreline. I'd have to agree good sails are No2 tuning tip, No1 is sail & point it in right direction!

Posted: 15/11/2005 12:02:34
By: Barry Watkin
Contact Chris Martin (see used spares page) for sails for hog-stepped rig.

[email protected]

Posted: 15/11/2005 12:34:09
By: Jon
Opps for Alan Fuller should read Dave Fowler I must stop mixing work with play! apoligies Barry.

Posted: 15/11/2005 17:48:55
By: Barry Watkin
Andrew money isnt really an issue, new sails are being sourced as we speek, no point in deck stepping and carbon rig, not cost effective.  I know the boat is competitive at my club level but it will be a waste of money upgrading to much as the boat will never win any major events.  I dont sail enough to upgrade to a newer boat ie CT.

Posted: 15/11/2005 18:57:26
By: Russ Hopkins
I was as surprised as the next person. None of my Merlins have ever had transom sheeting.

Posted: 15/11/2005 21:25:59
By: Alan F


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