Topic : Foils

Has anyone ever worked out how big the foils would have to be and the speed required to lift over 200kg of Merlin and crew out of the water.

Posted: 10/11/2005 12:06:04
By: Nontechnoman
As big as Liams Ego?

Posted: 10/11/2005 12:17:46
By: To much of a pussy to say!
My designer reckoned a 12 may fly on 10 foils.  That took no account of the additional drag and was just a simple calculation.  It was also based on sailing at full hull speed, which we thought wed probably never achieve again with a 10 foil under the boat.

A 12s all up weight including rig, sails and foils and string is probably under 85kg. The two lard arses in it are also smaller. Your bus is going to need a lot more but at least those comedy planks wont be confusing the water any more.

Posted: 10/11/2005 12:30:06
By: Birdman
oy oy! cool it...

Posted: 10/11/2005 17:30:41
By: Mags
There was a foiling Int Moth at Wormit BC regatta in June, and i really dont think the damage inflicted during high speed crashes would do a Merlin much good. Would be good in a straight line, but i am not going to mention corners

Posted: 10/11/2005 18:17:17
By: hamish
Would a merlin not be way too underpowered to ever do that?

Posted: 11/11/2005 12:20:20
By: Friend of a friend
No Moths for sale, and I hope you don't mind me joining in here since I now have a Merlin as well.

Two papers for you te read if you want some of the history of our development, and more importantly, the maths behind it. There are also regular posts on the Aussie forum with the latest thoughts on profiles, sizes, controls etc.

The 14's and the Cherubs are busily playing with these ideas as well. Hope this helps.

Posted: 11/11/2005 13:50:08
By: David Balkwill
I think 14's banned full foils a little while ago. Awesome thought though; twin wires and full foils - nobody in the boat, boat not in the water (might as well go sky-diving)

Posted: 11/11/2005 20:11:21
By: Richard S
It's the landing thats got to hurt! Better check the old health insurance first!!

Posted: 12/11/2005 07:23:13
By: Barry Watkin
Yes the foils on our Tornado were 400mm at the base for Weymouth week.Is a Merlin heavier?

Posted: 12/11/2005 20:52:13
The foil on me kitesurf board is 150mm

Posted: 12/11/2005 20:54:15
The foil on the crimbo turkey ,dont know yet?

Posted: 12/11/2005 20:55:00


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