Topic : Wonderful Wembley

Never thought I would hear myself saying that! but full credit and thanks to Wembley for a first rate day's sailing yesterday, best sail there in 20 years. Excellent value, great lunch AND Proper Regatta Tea!

Well done to all concerned and to David & Jilly for a quality win.


Posted: 27/09/2005 19:58:40
By: Chairman GGGGGG
Thanks Graham much appreciated. John Donoghue and Dave lapes did a lot of work drumming up support ( 33 boats total - 15 home boats ) and organising it and they deserve the thanks along with all the helpers

Posted: 27/09/2005 19:59:27
By: Col B
We hope everyone had a great time - thankfully the Wind gods erw more cooperative than on Saturday.

We were slightly disappointed that more of you coludn't join in the fun for the Topmast Trophy on Saturday. We had a fantastic competition and the 2-boat format seems to be the way forward

One of our members shot this video if you'd like to re-live some of the action

Thanks to all who helped - especially Bill Brockbank our Team-Racing guru.


Posted: 27/09/2005 20:18:06
By: David Lapes
Ah , almost as good as being there. If only more sailing could be done with a soundtrack.

Posted: 28/09/2005 09:34:53
By: Mags
You could blast out Wagner..........

"Why do you play Wagner"
"Cos the men love it - besides it scares the shit out of the GP's"

Posted: 28/09/2005 10:04:12
By: Jon


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