Topic : Sale of Star Rocket 1781

Unfortunatly my lovely old boat 1781 is no longer going to France due to a non-paying bidder on e-bay. I agreed a price of £800 with them so if anyone is interested in it give me a call on 07957 593148. I have re-listed it and it is still on the MR List so take a look. I am not open to offers below 800 just so you know. Any less and i will keep it!!

Cheers Jeremy

Posted: 23/09/2005 14:11:13
By: Jeremy1781
Fools,they don't know a good thing when they see it.hopefully someone honest will buy it now!

Posted: 23/09/2005 14:22:29
By: Ben 3451
If anybody even with only the slightest interest in this boat, was to take a look at it, they will realise that it is worth every penny of the asking price.

Posted: 26/09/2005 21:14:01
By: bob2926
Thats my problem, getting people to look at it!!

Posted: 27/09/2005 09:49:26
By: Jeremy3446
Don't sell it... charge people to look at it! (Not often you see a boat that old looking as good as this!) Sorry I daren't buy any more Merlins...even one as good as this!

Posted: 28/09/2005 20:25:14
By: JB3066
Think four is enough really John. What you need to do is get Tumbling Dice back on the water!!

Posted: 29/09/2005 08:31:39
By: Jeremy3550
And get an up to date rules book!

Posted: 29/09/2005 15:27:36
By: Ben 3451
It is up to date, John updates it him self every Sunday!!

Posted: 29/09/2005 16:56:20
By: Jeremy3550
By the way it has gone again on E-Bay with another day to go!! and as you can tell from my name i have another new boat!!

Posted: 29/09/2005 17:12:15
By: Jeremy3550


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