Topic : Leach line

The new sail I have just bought for 111 has a leach line.  What is the function and where should it be adjusted for the lighter or heavier airs?  Any advice please would be welcome.

Posted: 22/09/2005 12:43:59
By: Garry R
If the leech doesn't flutter leave well alone, if it flutters tesion it untill it doesnt unless that puts a "curl" in the leech in which case consult the sailmaker!

Posted: 22/09/2005 13:07:19
By: Ancient Geek
The way you were sailing at Bowmoor last week you can do anything to Merlin 111 - as long as it slows you down!!! I thought it was going extremely well so ... if it ain't broke don't fix it.
I'm just jealous coz we couldn't catch you even after sending you a novice young helm!!

Posted: 22/09/2005 13:35:55
By: PJ
'Twasn't the novice young helm who was the problem - it was the old guy crewing with little or no skin on his hands from trying to get the rotating mast to rotate, trying to raise and lower the leaded centreboard, checking the gooseneck wasn't unscrewing itself and generally tending to what is a demanding old lady!!!  All good fun though.

Posted: 22/09/2005 13:46:50
By: Garry R
Garry your boat is fantastic - thanks very much for giving me the privelidge of driving it.  If we do it again I'll try and point it in the right direction and sorry about the dodgy near-death roll on the gybe!

You won't need to play with those leech lines yet, but you could ring Dick Batt and ask him about them as he put them there I'm sure he'll be glad to let you know the full details.

Didn't we suggest she was the boat equivalent of going out with Ursula Andress?

Posted: 22/09/2005 14:04:34
By: Jon
Hope no-one noticed that we sailed like a right pair of t**ts!!!!

Posted: 22/09/2005 14:05:36
By: Garry R
Thanks mate!

Posted: 22/09/2005 14:12:18
By: Jon
"Underneath de mango tree" at all that.

Check out this great shot of 111:

Posted: 22/09/2005 14:20:57
By: Mags
Jon - your sailing was caught on camera!

Posted: 22/09/2005 20:03:22
By: RichardT
Touch´┐Ż Richard

Looking forward to Sunday :)

Posted: 22/09/2005 21:26:59
By: Jon
Why - there's no water!  Am sailing out of Falmouth for the week to find some.

Posted: 23/09/2005 13:54:35
By: RichardT


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