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Thought it would be nice to let you know about a new sailing DVD out, called 'Breeze On'. 

Its a new training dvd with our rock stars, namely Draper & Hiscocks, Pippa Wilson and Nick Thompson, amongst others...

It is narrated by the legendary Jim Saltonstall and covers all sorts of aspects of our sport, in great depth, from boat set up, technique to personal preparation and maintenance.

For more information, visit their website - It is targeted at Youth/young sailors but really appeals to everyone - I highly recommend it.

There is an online payment facility, but for an order form you can either contact [email protected], or use the button on the website. If you are a member of an english sailing club you are elgibile for a £5 discount... Bonus!

Happy sailing!!

Posted: 01/09/2005 11:58:29
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