Topic : Merlin Video Footage

Has anyone got any recent merlin video footage they could let me have?

I want to put together a 2-3 minute vid with music background of some high octane merlin sailing for us all to enjoy.

Don't know about the logistics of this but I'm sure it would be worth doing just for fun at the least.

Posted: 27/08/2005 00:09:29
By: Jon
The committee are looking into producing a professional DVD i believe.

Joe McC/McG (never could spell his name, sorry) sent me this clip ages ago, and I've finally found somewhere to host it.*merlinrocket

Posted: 19/09/2005 14:18:16
By: Mags
Absolutely brilliant footage. Well done!

Posted: 19/09/2005 14:30:28
By: Richard Battey
Here's a horror movie I took at the weekend.

Sorry the camera shook but I was expecting to jump up a place in the series.

Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.

Posted: 19/09/2005 16:32:23
By: Jon


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