Topic : Caption Competition

Perfect pic for captions here!
Best dialogue wins....the satisfaction of winning...

Posted: 24/08/2005 14:27:20
By: Mags
Our thanks to Liam for his opportunistic photography.

Posted: 24/08/2005 15:30:49
By: Alex
Hugh Maddison has just sent me a photo from Bourne End Week.
Makes me feel quite ill, but I'm sure there are some amusing captions to be thought up...

Posted: 19/09/2005 09:19:32
By: Mags
Mags, I thought this was supposed to be a family show...........................

Posted: 19/09/2005 10:25:16
By: Jon
Lol, if you're still looking for names I reckon we could call this section

"Porno Mags"

That photo is so so so wrong......

Posted: 19/09/2005 13:44:43
By: Jon
hmph, being called "porno" was by far the stupidest nickname i ever had at school, but it didnt stick thankfully. 
"maggie thatcher" was far more annoying...

Posted: 19/09/2005 17:24:01
By: Mags


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