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I've just acquired an old Bob Hoare NSM2 (3285). It has some poor condition ply decks which I plan to replace. However, the original measurement certificate says that both the shell and the DECK material were G.R.P. sandwich. Is this possible or likely? I was thinking of redecking using stripy sapele ply - does anyone know of a good supplier of such stuff? Or does anyone have any views on redecking using G.R.P. sandwich?

Posted: 19/07/2005 18:57:10
By: Richard
robbins timber Bristol for stripey sapele

Posted: 19/07/2005 19:01:31
By: bob the builder
Is this boat not Venus in Blue Jeans which Bob Baker owned for some years?  I never saw any other decks on it than the ply ones, going back to 1996.

Posted: 20/07/2005 09:53:50
By: Andrew M
This is indeed Venus in Blue Jeans, originally owned by Bob Baker. Thanks for the info. Perhaps Bob could confirm (if possible?)

Posted: 20/07/2005 16:43:46
By: Richard
Sorry - that should have been "formerly owned" not "originally owned". The original owner was A. L. Lock.

Posted: 20/07/2005 16:46:15
By: Richard


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