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Hey folks,

Just got back from picking up my new Merlin (3428) from Southend-On-Sea (Thorpe bay SC) and now smiling from ear to ear. Well I was until I saw tomorrows weather report. :o( Too light!

Have been promising myself I'd buy a Merlin for years, finally done it. Now just need to beat the new crew into shape!

Anyone got any tips on how to win the Nationals in a NSM4? :o)

Maybe next year...


Posted: 17/07/2005 02:21:38
By: Stuart
Congrats on your boat, in answer to your question,
A, Sail incredable well.
B, Chain 150 or so newer boats to there trolleys.
C, Jack up windex & put new Winder/Full force hull under it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But probably best to do what most of us do, enjoy it,
Regards Barry.

Posted: 17/07/2005 07:14:12
By: Barry Watkin
Forget about eating chinese food!  The butterfly prawns were great, you shouldnt have gone straight past on the return journey.

Posted: 17/07/2005 14:38:10
By: Peter
In response to Barry:

A) Might have to give that a try.
B) Decided on premix cement in the buoyancy tanks. Less obvious!
C) It's not a carbon windex so would have to replace that too!

But it is great fun!

And in response to Peter, that's just cruel!! Prawns are my favourite dish! We ended up with burger king on the way back in the service station :o( Then the telly in the car flattened the battery! Though we did get to watch the end of James Bond. Might fit one to the Merlin for those light wind races and en route weather reports! Luckily the very nice man from the AA was also there and jump started the car. We took one look at the service road you are on and decided that parking the car and boat in the middle of the roundabout might not be popular! Couldn’t see an easier way in and didn’t want to get stuck! But thanks very much for the offer.

We took the boat to the puddle today for a sail, unfortunately very light and changing winds, but even with just over 35 stone in the boat she went like a dream. Must have had 30 people come up to have a look and ask questions or comment. And several laser sailors bemused at how much string you can have in one boat!

Took about half hour to 40 mins to rig. Couple of oddities with pulleys doing strange things but got it sorted and went for a drift. Had no tension gauge or tape measure etc to set up the rig so a bit of spit n squint later and we were off. Got passed by a graduate upwind at one point but they were definitely in better wind! Anyway, Simon was too busy trying to untie himself from the bottom of the boat to notice. Worryingly at one point he did try to drop off the rig tension when I asked him to sheet in the jib! Could get interesting in a blow!

Looking forward to next week, winds should be stronger and maybe even constant!

It’s good to be back in a Merlin!

Posted: 17/07/2005 23:13:53
By: Stuart
Stuart, dont worry about the prawns, they went to a good home (mine).
Re crew trying to release rig tension,I had the same problem with crew, Put a big sign on top of the centre board case "DO NOT TOUCH" its the prodder control they like to release by mistake.
Glad you are enjoying your new toy.
It does seem to attract a lot of attention in dinghy parks.
I saved a bag of prawn crackers! couldnt finish them

Posted: 18/07/2005 17:25:48
By: Peter


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