Topic : Sails for Vintage boat

Having almost completed restoration on Secret Water No 111 my attention is turning to appropriate sails.  The jib needs to be a high foot with dimensions close to

160" (luff) 61.5" foot, 136.5" leach.

In terms of mainsail I have been told that the following dimensions work well. (This time measurements are in mm)

A) foot 2130, luff 6000, or
B) foot 2310, luff 5950,

The leach preferably should be gently curved without the extended top batten - apparently it might put too much strain on a 58yr old wooden mast. Anyone got a set which might suit mouldering away in an attic to help the old lady back on the water? Thanks.

Posted: 08/07/2005 12:02:23
By: Garry R
I have a good set of 1999 tall rig sails, main, jib, spin

Posted: 11/07/2005 11:26:47
By: Slapper
Essentail for the jib to have a high foot though - cut as per Kate or Iska No 6 - see the sail cut and shape on the vintage section.  I am trying to get her as near as original as possible (given that she has had the 2ft lopped off the mast at some point when the rules were changed).  Is the rig anything like that?

Regards and thanks


Posted: 11/07/2005 12:48:16
By: Garry R
Main is for a 22'6" mast
Jib will have a lower clew as nobody has sails cut like that now, they will all be cross cut and the one you are thinking of is cut with a seam from clew perpendicular to the forestay. If you do get one it will be covered in rust, cotton and smelly so you'd be best to comission a new build.
The main should fit and the kite is built to the last rule so marginally smaller than current ones but big shoulders
enough talk.....time to make an offer!

Posted: 11/07/2005 14:05:37
By: Slapper
Thanks for that.  I already have a couple of sets like that and with the low foot and the position of the jib fairleads there would be no leach tension!!  Also no need for a spinnaker as apparently the very old spinnakers (we are talking 58 years ago!!!) were tiny and I think that the fittings for mine were done away with a long time back.  I'll look into a new set - not aiming to be front of the fleet!!!  Hope you manage to sell yours - there always seems to be a demand.

Posted: 11/07/2005 15:51:02
By: Garry R
I have a virtually unused original spinnaker an old boat (ratsey and lampthorn 1960) if you are interested

Posted: 11/07/2005 17:45:22
By: Charles Lawton


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