Topic : Come and get it..! simply cannot sit in the garden anymore so if any one would like 2739 then please come and take it off my hands. No strings attached, she does need some work but I really need the space!

There is also an alloy mast section with no rigging, a very old boom, some associated fittings, a rusty old trailer (which she is sat on) and some foils. We are in Hamble, near Southampton feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Hugh.

Posted: 03/07/2005 09:54:08
By: Hugh Fletcher
pictures and more information please, I hope there is strings attached it will be really complecated rigging a m/r from scratch!

Posted: 03/07/2005 16:52:01
By: Peter Rhodes
What design is it?

Posted: 03/07/2005 17:22:43
September Girl!

Posted: 03/07/2005 17:26:19
"What design is it?"


Posted: 03/07/2005 23:47:41
By: Cheapskate
If you dont care ,then go and get it  Mr Cheapskate big boy.

Posted: 04/07/2005 08:03:11
It is a September Girl built I believe by Rowsell in 1974 however, this is not certain.

The hull is completely bare so to go sailing it requires the attachment of all fittings and bits of string etc. It was bought last year for a project over the Winter (being the last merlin my Dad owned before he moved onto other classes). However, our other boat 3494 ended up taking priority.

Now I just need to move it as I am not going to beable to give it the time it requires. Make no mistake there is a bit of stuff to do to her but if someone wants a project then it is here for the taking.

Posted: 04/07/2005 12:43:34
By: Hugh Fletcher
according to the 1981 MR book it is a September Girl and was built by Jones and Cuisik 

Sound like illegal immigrants to me.

will you get it going for Salcombe - think I mihgt actually get there this year - and stay for more than 1 day !

Posted: 04/07/2005 13:27:47
By: the Gurn
What about Ollie collecting all the bits?  He's already got a hull...might just get something he can go sailing in

Posted: 04/07/2005 16:41:30
By: Andrew M
Hi I would come and get it if you could tell us what work needs to be done or should it be skipped. Also have the descincy  to reply to interested emails that have been sent to you @ your email address!
Graham Connor
Racing Finish

Posted: 07/07/2005 10:15:11
By: Graham Connor
descincy?.... Decency maybe?

Posted: 07/07/2005 14:28:31
By: huh?
not everyone has access or the time to constantly check emails, im sure there is an explanation?

Posted: 07/07/2005 14:33:17
By: oh come on
To Late found one Ye ha

Posted: 07/07/2005 16:08:17
By: Graham Connor


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