Topic : workshop space

I'm thinking of how to make my own boat does anyone know where I could hire a room to do it preferably a fitted out workshop in the Leeds area

Posted: 27/05/2005 11:43:54
By: Peter Rhodes
I think there's a place going on Elland road in Leeds where they used to play football.

Posted: 27/05/2005 14:57:18
By: Eeh By Gum
By August there will also be another well lit "workshop" up for grabs.  Applications should be directed to Mr M. Glaser c/o MUFC!!!

Posted: 27/05/2005 16:08:31
By: Sir Alec
I want to make a boat not play football

Posted: 27/05/2005 17:25:24
By: Peter Rhodes
You leave Leeds alone it wasn,t the players fault they were run by bankers, We'll be back!

Posted: 27/05/2005 17:42:12
By: Barry Watkin


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