Topic : Request for advice on restoring 2932

Thanks to "Old Merlin Man" this boat has been identified as a "Hooligan". The name on the transom is "Therapist". Does anyone you know if that would be it's original name? Is there any convention about Merlin names or should I feel free to rechristen her myself?

I have downloaded the 2003 class rules from the RYA website. Are these the rules I should follow or do I need to obtain information from it's original era. I have no idea how recently the boat has been measured, or indeed whether this is important for a veteran.

There is some damage to the Gunwale/Rubbing Strake which I am trying to decide how to fix. How important is it to reproduce the exactly the current profile or would a simpler cross section be acceptable?

Any thoughts on this anyone?

Posted: 26/05/2005 23:17:12
By: David Grant
David,  The namd in the current yearbook is "Therapist".  She was built in 1975 by Aln Boatyard.  If you want to change her name, there are no restrictions so long as you don't duplicate an existing name - a list of names can be found in the yearbook.

The Class Rules you have downloaded apply to all Merlin Rockets, whenever they were built. The RYA issue measurement certificates so, if you don't have one, let the RYA have all the details and ask them to let you have a new certificate. This they should do as long as she was measured at some time and you pay them a fee (reduced for personal members of the RYA).

I'm not the one to advise on repairs - no doubt someone else will help you with that.

I would recommend joining the Merlin Rocket Owners' Association though - good value at only £25 a year. A membership form and standing order can be printed out from the website.

Posted: 26/05/2005 23:31:08
By: Mike Anslow


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