Topic : Is this a rocket ???

I have just aquired ( via dear old ebay ) what I think is a vintage rocket. I am no sailor, but quite a good chipie. It has a plate on the transom that says it was designed by Ian Proctor and built by Wyche & Coppock of Notingham. It is wooden clinker built. 12ft long with a 5ft 5in beam. My big problem is the fact that there is no mast and the rudder is for a different boat!! Is ther any one out there that can help me with any plans or dimensions ?  The hull is quite sound but a bit dinged up ( it has spent the last few years upside down in someones back garden ) I can cope with the joinery side of things but its the sticky up and flappy things that are the problem .........Cheers

Posted: 25/05/2005 19:47:45
By: Graham
sounds to me like you have a National twelve not a Merlin Rocket

Posted: 25/05/2005 20:08:37
By: interested

Posted: 25/05/2005 20:45:18
By: Hmm

Posted: 25/05/2005 20:45:18
By: Hmm
Merlin is 14ft - that certainly doesn't square with yours at 12ft.  There is a national 12 site where you could ask advice on the rigging/mast etc

Posted: 26/05/2005 11:07:06
By: Garry
Thanks Gentlemen.......I have contacted the National 12 owners club and indeed you are all correct. They also seem to be a helpful croud and are giving me a considerable ammount of help......Cheers

Posted: 26/05/2005 18:11:11
By: Graham
Hopefully one of them will buy it and you can buy a Merlin

Posted: 27/05/2005 00:02:58
By: Alt view
Lol, I would offer to sell you a spinnaker but well, erm,

Posted: 27/05/2005 00:06:14
By: Billy Bob
the only problem with it not being a merlin is that whilst it looks like a fishing boat it is not actually a fishing boat.  only merlins are fishing boats.  what you have is a lightweight dinghy.  an easy mistake to make though.

Posted: 27/05/2005 08:18:49
By: no it is not a rocket
Not really true, I have no doubt in my mind that the Salcombe Yawl is also a great boat for fishing.

Posted: 27/05/2005 09:48:50
By: Fishing
Maybe no 'its not a rocket'  meant this ->

Posted: 27/05/2005 10:52:48
By: Alan
I suspect that "no it is not a rocket" is in fact an international canoe sailor who used to sail Merlins.  Clearly he will have no difficulty clarifying what is what when his own boat is such a Bas**rd of two types itself.  If he buys me a pint later I may let him off.

Posted: 27/05/2005 13:04:12
By: Rocketeer
rocketeer you are wrong.

typing fishing boat merlin rocket and fishing boat national 12 into google give very different results.

i possible might buy you a pint though

Posted: 27/05/2005 14:49:35
By: no it is not a rocket


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