Topic : Twin poles?

why do you guys use twin poles? surely it is quicker to use a standard single pole on a push out system. An explination would be nice.

Posted: 24/05/2005 12:58:22
By: A Scorpion sailor
We like lots of string and complexity. Its not slower than a single pole, though of course more expensive.

Posted: 24/05/2005 13:39:15
By: Mags
Easier to jibe (there's an intellectual joke in there, somewhere)

Posted: 24/05/2005 13:52:40
By: bill
Twin poles are considerably easier and quicker to use than a conventional single pole set up. Key advantages are that it is a lot easier to keep the kite flying through a gybe and quicker to hoist and drop. The only key advantage a single pole set up has over twin is that on a windy gybe the crew doesn't have to go forward to take the pole off.

To be honest I can't understand why anyone would use a single pole system once they have tried a twin pole system. I suppose they are perceived to be more difficult to use so unless the crew has a very over inflated ego about their ability…… (in class joke)

Best bet is to have a look at a newer Winder Merlin to see a good example of a well set up twin pole system and even try and jump in one and see what you think. Where are you based?

Posted: 24/05/2005 14:37:48
By: Crew
i'm based in north wales the reason i'm interested is that on 95% of the scorpions in the fleet we dont have a fly away system at all just a conventional pole wich you push out manually.

Posted: 24/05/2005 16:19:19
By: A Scorpion sailor
yeah why the overcomplicating it the only time mirrors use the flyaway pole is if the crew is single handed or very small / puny or when sailing singlehanded

Posted: 24/05/2005 16:29:08
By: Peter Rhodes
It's not quicker to use a single flyaway pole as you have to attach the correct sheet before it goes out & change it on the gybe.  The present Merlin twin-pole system has been tweaked and refined for at least 10 years, it's not over-complicated & it works.

Posted: 24/05/2005 16:35:49
By: Andrew M
It's a while off but our Inlands are at Bala on 10th & 11th September, please feel free to come along and check out the various spinny systems. There may also be a few Merlins at Abersoch Dinghy week.

Posted: 24/05/2005 16:55:26
By: Crew
It's funny how these things go in and out of fashion - I restored an old Scorpion last season, which had been kitted out from new with the same twin pole system now used on Merlins (albeit with metal poles!).

Posted: 24/05/2005 20:34:03
By: Dave Lee


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