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is there a recognised old boat handicap system for racing in mixed fleet with 20 - 40 year old merlins or do we have to grin accept 1024

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:08:58
By: old racer (good swimmer)
There is a club handicap table in the year book.
What's the number of your boat?

Posted: 23/05/2005 18:17:50
By: Blackie
Page 46 of the current handbook, older than 3429 and you start to get help in the form of current portsmouth number plus 10.

3331-3429 +10
3157-3330 +20
2833-3156 +30
2165-2832 +40
1616-2164 +50
895-1615 +60
500-894 +70
1-499 +80

Posted: 23/05/2005 19:05:02
By: Mature Boat Sailor

Posted: 23/05/2005 22:07:22
By: old racer good swimmer
My local club was "slightly" suspect when I sugested there were a scale of PY's for older boats, but were then more than happy to oblige when I should them the year book with it's RYA backing,etc to these figures. The Morale is join the class association & back it, all the best Barry.

Posted: 24/05/2005 10:01:22
By: Barry Watkin
I've got 3429, are the figures both numbers inclusive or is 3428 the last boat to have +10.
Also if I cant find a crew soon it could be up for sale soon (rowsell NSM4) watch this space!

Posted: 24/05/2005 13:25:19
By: Moroccan Woodbine
According to the yearbook the figures are inclusive so you are in!

Posted: 24/05/2005 15:33:26
By: Mature Boat Sailor


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