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It would seem to me that the Merlin Rocket class has produced some dynasties especially and notably the Harris- Warren Clan those two lovely men Frank Warren and Harry Harris sitting up there in sailing heaven must be amazed at what they've begotten. How many boats and grandchildren is it now? A family tree might be interesting. There must be others too.

Posted: 02/03/2005 13:05:33
By: Harold G Twincey
I reckon the Harris family - Harry, John, Robert, Richard and Andrew have owned at least 22 Merlin/Rockets since 1954. Can any other family beat that? 

John's daughter Sara Warren crews in M/Rs and so did his wife Sue before she started sailing a Firefly. Both my son William and daughter Jane have crewed in the past. And my ex-wife Helen of course, she crewed me in my most successful season. My first cousin Richard Gaunt crewed me in the 70s and sailed the family boat Passing Cloud at Ranelagh. And isn't John's grandson James crewing now? That makes twelve Harris family members who've enjoyed M/R sailing.

Posted: 02/03/2005 17:47:00
By: Robert Harris
I've been reminded of another M/R owned by my father Harry. Total Harris boats so far - at least 23.

Posted: 03/03/2005 18:40:28
By: Robert Harris


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