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My annual insurance (3rd party, one year ncd, 20yr old boat) is coming out at £42 with Boat this fairly typical?

Thanks -

Posted: 23/02/2005 12:03:47
By: Mike
sounds cheeep

Posted: 23/02/2005 12:10:34
By: Cambridge Man
Sounds fair, if not good, although depending on what value you assign to your boat I think you could get fully comprehensive for about the same price. Try Bishop Skinner.

Posted: 23/02/2005 12:38:25
By: Alan Fuller
Fully comp with £2m 3rd party and racing for £67 for 28 year old merlin and combi with Bishop Skinner

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:02:56
By: 3072
I have just insured my fleet!11 of Merlin, RS 400 and Enterprise with Red Insurance for a total Prem of £224. Noble's Quote for the Merlin alone was £170.(Reason for both RS and Merlin is my club only sails handicap Wednesday nights and occasional trophy races)

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:05:21
By: no connection with company
hmmm....the boat value was put down at £1,000

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:13:52
By: Mike
Hi Mike

There was a thread run a while back regarding boat insurance. Our Web man might be able to find the link, or you could trawl through the forum to find it.

The £42 you have been quoted by Craft Insure with ncd is right for 3rd party. I doubt if you find anything cheaper!

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:36:00
By: Magazine Editor
£3000 actually

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:38:40
By: no connection with company
Many thanks everyone -

Posted: 23/02/2005 13:55:54
By: Mike
Use the 'search' box on the forum (near top right) to track down other threads on this topic

Posted: 23/02/2005 15:38:41
By: Mags
er- what search box is that then?

Posted: 23/02/2005 16:49:17
By: cant see for looking
oh- that one!

Posted: 23/02/2005 16:50:24
By: glasses on now
Just bought my first Merlin, NSM2 worth £1800. Not owned a boat for 8 years so no NCD. Bishop Skinner quoted a very reasonable £72 fully comp. This covers the boat on the water and in transit, along with the trailer, 2million liability and full race cover. I have phoned 5 companies so far and this is the best quote.

Posted: 23/02/2005 17:51:42
By: Tom
Just bought 3280 insured £1260.00 with combi, race cover, £2,000,000 third party cover bishop skinner £65.00 was the cheapest most were twice the price

Posted: 23/02/2005 19:37:34
By: Nigel
Red Insurance is worth calling, especially if you have a fleet.

Posted: 26/02/2005 18:47:41
By: Another Chris


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