Topic : Abersoch and Merlin Sailors - a question

Hello All.

I'm after some info on the likes and dislikes of those intrepid sailors who visit abersoch.

Specifically; off those of you who use campsites either for tents or touring caravans.

What problems you have had with campsites in Abersoch, and what you would consider to be a good campsite.

This is a serious request - am in the throws of purchasing a site in abersoch - an will of course be looking to attract the custom Merlin Rocketeers.

(I already know the one about, free beer tents!)

Responses either on forum or email me.

Many thanks

Posted: 22/02/2005 21:39:55
By: Miles
We stayed in a static caravan in Abersoch for the champs. In my opinion so long as you've got a nice flat site, with a swing or something for the children, good loo/washing facilities, washing machine and tumble drier/drying room.  Shop where you can get milk/bread etc and with in walking distance of the pub.

In an ideal world babysitting services for the week, while Tosh and I check in to a really nice hotel would be the icing on the cake, but hey, stangeley we've yet to find such a place.

The place we stayed at in Abersoch had a bbq/eating area under a covered barn which was a good idea.

Maybe you're buying a bigger place with all the entertainment etc in which case all of the above is null and void!

Good Luck

Posted: 25/02/2005 11:01:28
By: Mrs Tosh
We (Four twenty something’s) rocked up at the championship in Abersoch intending to camp. Unfortunately NONE of the campsites would entertain us because we were not either:

A. A Family
B. Related

After questioned why either of the above criteria were relevant and explaining that we were purely in Abersoch to sail the best and most reputable racing dinghy class in the world (Not take drugs and wreck the place like the locals) they all openly said young people were trouble so we couldn't stay regardless.

Seriously pissed off but eager to live up to our reputation we got back in the car, did a few doughnuts on the best-kept piece of lawn while exercising right hand and middle finger accordingly and left. was a long painful week sleeping on the beach and one of our tents complete with contents was stolen while we were out racing.

So in answer to your question, No our camping experiences in Abersoch have not been great AT ALL.


Posted: 25/02/2005 14:44:07
Bastards.  Seems to be quite common that kicking young people off campsites for trivial reasons.

After general bother from the proprietor of a Torbay campsite I was please when my fathers car had a few problems. This resulted in the horn going off when the car was not level. Excellent at 1 a.m. on a steeply sloping campsite.

PS Always distribute bread on the roof of static caravans hired out by wealthy class members. They will be awoken at 5 a.m. by seagulls that sound like elephants above their heads.

Posted: 25/02/2005 15:12:30
By: Mechanic
I camped on the beach last year and that  was cool and free! The beach parole said that it was ok. No chance of getting kicked off.

Posted: 25/02/2005 16:04:48
By: Chris

Posted: 25/02/2005 16:05:34
By: Chris
Some people are truly and gratuitously unpleasant, especially if you are doing something they do not understand like Yottin' or Huntin' Shooin' or fishin' You have my sympathy for the treatment you received, the Patrol sounds like a good egg though!

Posted: 25/02/2005 17:21:17
By: Harold G Twincy
Aside from the main campsite benefits listed, good showers and a drying room have to be on a sailors wish list.

We had problems trying to get camping for twelve sailors (a large group) and we were all over 40! In Torquay many flats would not rent to sailors either.

Posted: 26/02/2005 18:43:54
By: Another Chris
I wondered how those elephants got up there!!

PS beware of static caravans, ours was more like a shed, smelt the same and had the same amount of mouse droppings in it- mmmm nice!

Next time we'll be taking the pink bus and a tent.

Posted: 26/02/2005 20:43:25
By: Mrs Tosh
Thanks for the feedback so far

There will be a luxury static caravan for Mrs Tosh,
and tent / boat space for groups by arrangement.

Just need a drying room!


Posted: 26/02/2005 22:46:34
By: Miles
when is abersoch?

Posted: 27/02/2005 18:27:14
By: confused
For that matter where?

Posted: 27/02/2005 19:21:15
Abersoch - where?  In wales  top left part that sticks out - the Llyn Peninsular, south coast.

When? Abersoch have various sailing events all year, especially dinghy week which used to attract a lot of merlins. Check out South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club.

Posted: 27/02/2005 21:52:07
By: Miles
lovely place - excellent sailing, nice people!

Posted: 28/02/2005 08:20:47
By: the real wvm
Abersoch has a great open meeting pretty early on in the season. The reason for this is that the natives tend to stay indoors and don't bother to come out to generally hastle the sailors. Really great sailing. 

The champs week was an eye opener. I would like to extend a big thank you to the wonderful sailing club bar man for his lovely charming way (is there a school for misery..) and also thank the miserable natives for kicking us off their beach on the last night. A proper character building experience.

On reflection it's now a bit too far away to bother ever going back. It's a real shame as it could be such a great location. It is the Salcombe of the north.

Posted: 28/02/2005 12:39:18
By: Oil of Ugly
What did you do to upset them?  We're going there for our champs this year.

Posted: 28/02/2005 14:00:17
By: N12
They are Welsh they come upset!

Posted: 28/02/2005 15:01:42
Careful WVM

We are Welsh! Let's hope you enjoy Inlands Better - they are in Wales this year!

Posted: 28/02/2005 18:27:09
By: Miles
No insult intended I have happy memories of European Champs at Pwhelli in 1998 Pwhelli in 1970 and Bala in 1966 but upset is what God bless you the Welsh do, they may also win the Grand Slam I for one hope so!

Posted: 28/02/2005 19:08:17
WVM is probably colour prejudiced as well = small minded or what!!!!!

Posted: 28/02/2005 21:13:50
By: interested
Minute but focused mind I have no problem with discrimination between nations or cultures  but I abohor predudice!

Posted: 28/02/2005 21:19:54
What a welcome at the champs launch trolley tyres slashed and my road trailer done the same way won't be going there again

Posted: 28/02/2005 21:27:26
By: T.C
What you look for in Camping/touring site is my concern here, not what nationality. A secure site maybe?

Posted: 28/02/2005 22:29:32
By: Miles
Having driven half the length of Europe and the width of England to Falmouth to be told we were a day early and would we please go away by the Harbour and ditto the club last year.
"A WELCOME" would be the first, followed by a loo and a brew once settled in, a camp shop selling essentials, beer, milk, bread bacon etc, a good drying and launderette facility with service wash service. Adequate power points for recharging mobiles etc. An internet cafe with broadband too. Security certainly as tents and caravans are hardly secure per se.I had my tent broken into in British Columbia in Vancouver by a bear! Hardly likely in Wales but who knows?

Posted: 01/03/2005 12:10:36
Please let me know which S.C. at Falmouth and who in the harbour turned you away for arriving a day early last year.

Posted: 01/03/2005 12:26:47
By: Very ex Chairman
Royal Cornwall it did it in 2001 too!

Posted: 01/03/2005 13:21:47
And the jobsworth on the harbour gate.

Posted: 01/03/2005 13:23:26
Oh yes and they fired the cannon on the start line at 45 degrees to the line, backwards, one of the fleet in 2001 stopped the wadding in his eye, since ALL firearms injuries have to be reported to the police all that saved their colective backsides and firearms certificates was a very helpful nurse! She was pretty too, but did not come from Falmouth.

Posted: 01/03/2005 18:07:01


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