Fixtures / Ranelagh Downriver. Thames, Vintage & Classic: Prizegiving

Ranelagh S.C.
20/10/2024 - 20/10/2024

Regional: T

Ranelagh S.C. Details
Address: Embankment, Putney, London, SW15
Region: London
020 8788 4986

Ranelagh is on the Embankment at Putney on the South side of the Thames to the West of the Bridge.
The birthplace of the Merlin class!

Race times at Ranelagh are dependent on the tide with starts about 2 hours before high tide. We race nearly every week-end all year round although with the shorter days of the winter it usually works out at every other week. There are Winter, Spring and Summer series with prizes for overall handicap and the 5 classes we support as well as many trophy races and matches against other river clubs.
Many features of the Club have changed over the year but it continues to welcome new members, both experienced and inexperienced. For those who consider that yachting necessarily means wearing a white cap, blazer and white trousers, and spending vast amounts of money, a visit to the Club at Putney will show that it is truly a sport that most people can enjoy.
The challenging (some would say difficult!) conditions which apply on this tidal stretch of river mean that, regrettably, the sailing is not suitable for unaccompanied children.

You will need to be a Class member to enter these events.

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