Results / Aspire National Championships 2023 (Day 3)

Brading Haven YC
30/07/2023 - 03/08/2023
Silver Tiller:
Multi-Day Silver Tiller:

Hark, fellow mariners and sailing enthusiasts, on this third day of the Aspire Merlin Rocket National Championships, hosted at the fair Brading Haven Yacht Club. 


The sun did rise upon the azure sea, as sailors readied their ships for another day of fierce contest.


The heavens did grant favourable winds, though at times shifty and uncertain, like the heart of a lover in spring. The building zephyrs did propel the noble vessels with grace, yet occasionally, they whispered deceitful promises of victory, capsize and breakage. 


Amidst the rolling waves, the fleet of Merlin Rockets set forth, their sails unfurled, and their spirits undaunted. As the races commenced, a spectacle of prowess and skill unfolded upon the water's stage.


In the three races, fierce competitors such as Mike Partridge, sailing with Claire Davis jostled for position with John Turner and Richard Parslow and John and Ollie meadowcroft, like knights vying for honour on a battlefield. Some ships soared on the wings of victory, notably Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey, gleefully banking three first places. Others faltered, their hopes of success dashed with the cruellest of punishments, the dastardly black flag, a painful reminder for Jon Gorringe and Matt Currell that dreams can be forgotten just as quickly as false promises are broken. 


James Wells and Anna Aylward’s results rose and fell like the tides, their fate entwined with Neptune's favour, testing the mettle of their sailing skill, as they navigated through the capsizes and wobbly leeward marks.


And lo, in the final beat of the day, competitors were most comforted to see the finish at the top mark, allowing for a shorter sail back in as the sun began its descent, casting a golden hue upon the sailors, who were weary but resolute, displaying unyielding determination to pack their boats away as fast as possible knowing that the real glory of first to the barbecue lay within their grasp. 


But the championship's tale remains unwritten, for it unfolds yet further in days to come. Tomorrow, the sun shall rise once more, and the sailors shall take to the seas again, in pursuit of honour and distinction.


Until then, let us raise a cup to those who sailed this day, and to the wonders of the ocean, where battles are waged, and destinies are decided with each gust of wind.


Thus, the third day of the Aspire Merlin Rocket National Championships at Brading Haven Yacht Club concludes, leaving us with anticipation and wonder for the morrow's tale to be told.


Thank you to our title sponsor Aspire Financial Services, our fleet sponsor WEST SYSTEMS, our golfing sponsor GK Engineering and the social trip to Cowes Week sponsor DinghyTec.

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