Results / Silver Tiller Open Meeting

Shoreham S.C.
17/06/2023 - 18/06/2023
Silver Tiller: S
Multi-Day Silver Tiller: Both

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. More of a blessing than a curse as coming third at a Merlin open is tricky. Sorry I’ve spoiled the build up to the results now.

30 odd Merlins turned up to the home of real sea sailing, Shoreham Sailing Club on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June for the Craftinsure Silver Tiller (two days) and the Allen South East Series (Sunday only) . Of course, we usually have 20 knots south westerly with big rolling waves. Well, that’s what we were promised. Who’s bored of NE lack of wind on the south coast? Anyway, we all trooped out to the west of the harbour on Saturday afternoon along with the Contenders. Well done to the Contenders for sticking it out for the weekend. They don’t look comfortable in under 8 knots. Good luck to all of them who are going to Kieler Woche and then onto the Worlds in Denmark and well done for joining in egg throwing.

As always, we had nice wind until we went to start the first race. After one postponed start the fleet got away. Unfortunately, a massive left shift left the race officer to can the race at the top mark. Hearts go out to Sarah Richards, Nigel Wakefield, Ben Jones and Helen Hilditch for being the first two round the first mark. After a wait off we go again in an Easterly ish. Breeze out to the right, the fleet got away in light breeze. Jon Gorringe and Matt Currell led comfortably for the first lap. It was tight further behind. Down the last run the wind was even more unstable. Alex Jackson and Louise Johnson made the best decisions. Mark Barwell is going to have to up his game as he has a super crew on his hands. Will Warren and I (Megan Pascoe) were following Alex and Lou and the two Shoreham boats went round the leeward mark together. It came down to who tacked first. Fortunately for us we did. The fleet was packed behind. Jon and Matt in third and Chris Jennings and Pete Nicholson grabbing 4th. The lack of wind caused the fleet to retire to the bar. The main event of the evening was the egg throwing contest. This year with prizes so off to the beech we all went. Paul Rayson and Christian Hill made a good showing or throwing in second with Nigel and Freya Hudson taking the win.

Sunday morning came, some forgot to set their alarm clock. Tequila might have been to blame. We went out to sea after waiting for a ship to come in. Not really as glamourous as the Otis Redding song but there you go. There was wind on the dock but sadly not really in the bay. Off to the east we went and started the first race. Somebody had their birthday present by winning the pin end. I’m not allowed to mention their name as I will get in trouble. He is now a great grand master and normally sails with a main and a kite. Alan Warren and Will Carroll were up the front of the fleet and it was Ian and Chris Martin who led the fleet. They held on beating former National Champions Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey. Chris Gould and Sophie Mackley won the family battle finishing in front of Caroline Croft and Alex Pausey. For the life of me I can’t remember the start of the second race, it was one of those weekends. From where I remember there was a big shift at the leeward mark, we reached up the second beat. The run down against the tide in a really light breeze was exciting, quite interesting trying to get round the leeward mark against the tide. Unfortunately, the race did turn a little inside out with those further behind coming round in the left hander and those in front loosing out. Bad luck to Ian and Chris who should have taken the second win of the day. The big movers were Alex and Louise, Simon Potts and George Bender who finished 4th and 2nd. Caroline and Alex came through to take the win with Christian and Sam doing well to hold onto 3rd. Dave Winder and Anna Blake and James Wells and Anna Aylward came through well to finish inside the top 8.

The rain and lack of wind led half of each fleet to head home. There was enough wind to start another race except for the pink and black boats and us who were BFD. Not entirely sure what happened but I hear John Meadowcroft and Charlotte Stewart were doing well. Unfortunately, the reach against the tide that wasn’t a reach led the race to be abandoned. The fleet retired home, some more smug than others. An unexpected discard after 3 races meant the points were really close. Well done to bronze fleet winners Geoff and Helen Kimber, Geoff’s second win in a row. Silver fleet winners were Alan and Will. Bodes well for the annual trip to Salcombe. Fifth went to Ian and Chris Martin, fourth to Alex Jackson and Louise Johnson, third overall plus with winners of the Gold fleet and taking home the Lighthouse Litre (Saturday winners) were William Warren and Megan Pascoe, second went to Christian Birrell and Same Brearey and overall winners taking home the Sussex Flagon (Sunday winners) and the Chairman’s Cup (first overall) were Caroline Croft and Alex Pausey.

Thanks to the 505 crew of Gareth Caldwell and Tyler Hamsworth for running the racing in tricky conditions. Special thanks to Ivan the Phantom Spinner and Mandy for running the bar. Hopefully if the world we live in has swapped round we had the randomness of Salcombe harbour this weekend so we will get a full SW with big waves at Salcombe week.

The Craftinsure takes a little break now until Mumbles Sailing Club 23rd and 24th September, the Allen SE Series is at Upper Thames on 17th September.

There’s plenty before then with the HD Sails Midland Circuit heading to Blithfield Sailing Club on 3rd July, Salcombe Week starts on 9th July and entries are open for the Aspire National Championships at Brading Haven from 30th July – you can online here!

Thank you Megan Pascoe for the report and Warwick Baker for the photos.

Results are provisional as of 16:15 on June 18, 2023


Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Rating system: PY, Entries: 33, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Fleet Boat SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st Platinum Skadi 3820 Lymington Town SC Caroline Croft Alex Pausey   (7.0) 4.0 1.0     12.0 5.0
2nd Platinum Blue My Mind 3809 Parkstone YC Christian Birrell Sam Brearey   (5.0) 2.0 3.0     10.0 5.0
3rd Gold Roberta 3796 Shoreham SC William Warren Megan Pascoe   1.0 (15.0) 5.0     21.0 6.0
4th Platinum Goon 3795 Shoreham SC Alex Jackson Louise Johnson   2.0 (12.0) 4.0     18.0 6.0
5th Platinum   3719 Burghfield SC Ian Martin Chris Martin   8.0 1.0 (13.0)     22.0 9.0
6th Platinum Khaleesi 3802 Burghfield SC Simon Potts George Bender   (11.0) 7.0 2.0     20.0 9.0
7th Platinum Didley Squat 3791 Parkstone YC Jon Gorringe Jon Gorringe   3.0 (10.0) 6.0     19.0 9.0
8th Platinum Black Swan 3803 Lymington TSC & Shoreham SC Chris Gould Sophie Mackley   6.0 3.0 (9.0)     18.0 9.0
9th Gold Point n Squirt 3746 RYA James Wells Anna Aylward   (15.0) 6.0 8.0     29.0 14.0
10th Platinum Night Fury 3775 Burghfield SC Chris Jennings Pete Nicholson   4.0 (14.0) 12.0     30.0 16.0
11th Platinum Attack Of The Clones 3801 Hollingworth Lake SC Dave Winder Anna Blake   9.0 (11.0) 7.0     27.0 16.0
12th Platinum Baloo 3807 Itchenor SC Tim Saxton Emma Clarke   (14.0) 8.0 10.0     32.0 18.0
13th Gold Tiger Tiger 3696 Shoreham SC Alexander Warren Jonty Freeman   (17.0) 5.0 14.0     36.0 19.0
14th Gold Time Machine 3780 Lymington Town SC Sarah Richards Nigel Wakefield   12.0 9.0 (16.0)     37.0 21.0
15th Platinum Gary 3782 Lymington Town SC Edward Chapman Amy/Eilidh   10.0 (17.0) 11.0     38.0 21.0
16th Gold Fragile 3727 Upper Thames SC Mark Stockbridge James Gifford   (23.0) 18.0 15.0     56.0 33.0
17th Silver 34 3773 Shoreham SC Alan Warren William Carroll   (24.0) 13.0 21.0     58.0 34.0
18th Gold Leaner Driver 3747 Frensham Pond SC Clive Eplett Rebecca Videlo   (20.0) 16.0 18.0     54.0 34.0
19th Silver Still Not Over 3665 Shoreham SC Ross Jackson Dave Reid   13.0 (24.0) 22.0     59.0 35.0
20th Gold Salmon en Croute 3702 Wembley SC Duncan Salmon Ruth Hansater   18.0 (20.0) 17.0     55.0 35.0
21st Platinum Ted 3666 Upper Thames SC John Meadowcroft Charlotte Stewart   19.0 19.0 (20.0)     58.0 38.0
22nd Gold Simply Scrumptious 3799 Fishers Green SC / Salcombe YC Paul Rayson Christian Hill   16.0 23.0 (25.0)     64.0 39.0
23rd Silver Outnumbered 3745 Wembley SC Paul Dean Hannah Burt   (34.0 DNC) 22.0 19.0     75.0 41.0
24th Bronze Aura 3817 Stone SC Geoff Kimber Helen Kimber   22.0 21.0 (24.0)     67.0 43.0
25th Silver Chill Out 3633 Hampton SC Timothy Harms Amelia Little   (26.0) 25.0 23.0     74.0 48.0
26th Bronze Brambles 3800 Shoreham SC Richard Bramley Tony Cheal   (28.0) 28.0 26.0     82.0 54.0
27th Silver Blue Tit 3806 Shoreham SC Ben Jones Helen Hilditch   21.0 (34.0 DNC) 34.0 DNC     89.0 55.0
28th Bronze Attack of the Clones 3662 Bartley SC Nigel Hudson Freya Hudson   29.0 26.0 (34.0 DNC)     89.0 55.0
29th Bronze Bronte 3663 Fishers Green SC Nick Yannakoyorgos Matteo Mancini   30.0 27.0 (34.0 DNC)     91.0 57.0
30th Silver Euphoria 3642 Burwain SC Stephen Graham George Graham   25.0 (34.0 DNC) 34.0 DNC     93.0 59.0
31st Bronze Indecision 3677 Tamesis SC Timothy Barr Chris Martin   27.0 (34.0 DNC) 34.0 DNC     95.0 61.0
32nd Bronze After Myth 3054 Hampton SC / UTSC Stuart Jenkins Nicola Scaddan   (34.0 DNC) 34.0 DNC 34.0 DNC     102.0 68.0
32nd Bronze Planet Waves 3669 Shoreham SC Andy Phillips Thalia Wylie   (34.0 DNC) 34.0 DNC 34.0 DNC     102.0 68.0


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