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My name is Pedro Carvalho. I live in Aveiro, Portugal, and recently bought a MR. I was very confused to see these photos. The hull and sail number is 2109. I think it is a Merlin Rocket Proctor IXb design. The seller told me that his original name was "Javelin". I am looking for more information. I would be grateful to anyone who can help me.

Posted: 03/01/2014 22:24:29
By: Pedro Carvalho
According to the 1969 MROA year book MR 2109 is a Ian Proctor designed 1XB. The hull was built by Bob Hoare and the boat was probably finished by her first owner in 1968. She was named 'Javelin'.
Her first owner was recorded as W D Sinclair at Banbury SC. I think I cn remember 'Javelin' as I was also a member at Banbury at that time.
The 1975 year book shows the owner as P Chinneck but the following year as R Summers. In 1978 the owner was G Smith all still at Banbury SC.
Yet another new owner is shown in the 1979 book as B Pricket who was later recorded at Ragley SC.
The 1983 book records that she had moved to Bristol Corinthian YC with a new owner A Rawlings and by 1985 the owner was M Brown also at BCYC.
I regret there appears to be no further ownership information in th following year books.

Posted: 05/01/2014 10:53:30
By: Tony Lane
Javelin was certainly at Banbury SC in 1968 and 1969 as I currently have the club's Championship Trophy waiting to go off to the engravers next week.  Javelin won this trophy in 1968 and 1969 in the hands of a S D Sinclair not W D Sinclair, the recorded owner.  I wonder if SD was the son / brother of WD - perhaps Tony can remember.

She does not feature on the cups again after 1969. Interestingly the 1970 winner of the Championship Trophy was Dandylion sailed by a young Phil King.

Posted: 05/01/2014 14:29:02
By: richardt
Pedro has sent me some pictures for the 'pure magic' page and he is certainly looking to make a 'job' of 2109! The transom flaps are well covered with Bristol Corinthian SC stickers, I clocked 83 and 84 for sure!
The class spreads ever further!

Posted: 05/01/2014 18:40:51
By: Dougal
Pero why not join the class and we can send you the previous class magazines

Details on website

Posted: 05/01/2014 19:05:04
By: Megan.

Do it! We sail 2 older Merlins in France, have been members for 30+ years, and benefit greatly from the contact with the class.

Have you looked at the Carnac event in May?

Rod & Jo

Posted: 05/01/2014 20:07:06
By: Rod & Jo
Hello to all,
Thank you already for the clarifications. I think it came into the hands a real jewel in the crown.
The boat is in very poor condition, but I will do my best to honor your builder and class.
How can I join the class? can someone help me?

Posted: 05/01/2014 21:14:43
By: Pedro Carvalho
Hi pedro

Can you send your email address to me , I'm the membership sec. Email is

[email protected]

Actually I'm the memberships secretaries dog to be precise

I will send you all the details of how to join

Posted: 06/01/2014 16:09:20
By: Megan.

Give your owner a quick nip to wake him up from his Christmas hibernation. Pedro's email address is on his name - it is [email protected]

Posted: 06/01/2014 17:21:36
By: richardt
Takes more than a quick nip to wake him up

Will send pedro the info


Posted: 06/01/2014 17:29:59
By: Megan.


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