Topic : Vintage Merlin Rocket Wanted

Wanted: vintage Merlin Rocket. 
I have a vintage wooden Osprey, lovingly restored. I want to do the same with an early wooden Merlin Rocket of the type that I used to race with my long departed Dad. I think it was a Mk IX. Number 1789, from memory. Something similar.

Posted: 07/04/2020 17:41:16
I can put you in touch with a very lovely boat which is for sale and of a similar age to the MKIX you mentioned.  Drop me a line via the Tamesis Club enquiry form.

Posted: 07/04/2020 20:18:25
By: Tim Medcalf
I just find your post from last year, well i thought you might be interested in our classic Merlin Rocket sail nos 1335 she is called Miss Swiss III and was built circa 1961 ( there were a huge number of boats being built at the time) she is a Chippendale built proctor Mk12. According to the association thats a pretty desirable design and builder. Was restored 5 to 6 years ago and stored in dry but spent last year outside, it will need some light,med restoration.
Original sails (2 sets) been dry stored, buyoncy, rigged. ready to sail
contact 07743684322

Posted: 03/05/2021 20:34:26
By: Sid


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