Topic : Allen Inland Championships 2023 New Date: 10 December

The events calendar has been updated to reflect the new date of the Allen Inland Championships 2023. 

Update from Chris Martin.

27 boats took the trip through the 20mph villages to Llangorse SC - a new venue for us - set in the beautiful Brecon Country Park.

Our Inland Championships has been cursed for some time now, with not enough water to hold the scheduled event last year, and the ironic postponement off the event this year due to flooding. Despite a promising forecast Saturday dawned windless. The glassy surface never showed much promise but a brief zephyr temped our PRO - quite rightly given the Sunday forecast - to launch the fleet. This was done but to no avail and AP over H was hoisted after an hour or so in the vain hope that an evening breeze would set in. It didnt. The fleet enjoyed an excellent meal at the club and - for those of us who didnt fall down a pot hole in the lane - an evening in the local pub.

Sundays forecast never looked like it would be raceable and it rapidly proved not to be with not even a ripple on the surface of the lake. After consulting the fleet racing was abandoned at 1100 by unanimous consent.

So firstly thanks to Llangorse and their team who did a superb job of looking after us all weekend. Also thanks to Allen Brothers for sponsoring the event.

The Allen Inland Championships will be rerun at Bartley SC on Sunday 10th December. It will be a one day event. Llangorse entrants have an automatic entry, full NOR is to follow and the Witchsmeller Pursuivant has been sent for to try to determine the source of our bad luck!



Posted: 16/10/2023 09:11:10
By: Lou Johnson


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