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Merlin Rocket Classic and Vintage De May

Saturday 16 July 2022

Organising Authority (OA) is Draycote Water Sailing Club in conjunction with Merlin Rocket Owners Association



The notation ‘[DP]’ in a rule means that the penalty for a breach of that rule may, at the discretion of the Protest Committee, be less than a disqualification

  1. RULES
    • This event is governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024.
    • Competitors shall sail in accordance with the RYA Racing Charter.
    • Merlin Rocket Class Rules shall apply as standard
    • [DP] Rule 40.1 applies at all times when afloat.


    • The sailing instructions will be available electronically on the MROA website


    • The official notice board will be via the Vintage and Classic Whatsapp groups
    • [DP] While racing, except in an emergency, a boat that is racing shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.


    • The event is open to all boats of the Merlin Rocket Class up to 3574
    • All competitors must be current members of the class association.
    • Eligible boats may enter by completing the online registration and paying the required fees by 15 July 2022
    • Entries are limited to 20
    • [DP] A disclaimer must be signed before launching for each visiting boat to state that the Check, Clean, Dry programme has been observed prior to arriving at Draycote Water and will be observed afterwards.
    • All boats shall sail under their register numbers to comply with RRS 77. Under exceptional circumstances a boat may be permitted to carry sail numbers or letters in contravention of her class rules provided that written application, stating the circumstances, is made to the Race Committee prior to 1st race. If such permission is granted no further change will be permitted.
  2. FEES
    • The entry fee is £25
    • If the event is cancelled by the OA a refund less any costs incurred will be issued.
    • If a competitor cancels within 7 days of the event no refund will be given. Before 7 days 80% refund will be given.


    • [DP] Boats maybe required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organising authority.



Not Applicable


    • Registration:

In Chandlery



  • Briefing:

Sat 16 July


Outside Clubhouse

  • Racing:

The event will consist of up to 8 races.


Number of scheduled races

Maximum number of races

1st warning not before

16 July 2022








  • On the last scheduled day of racing no warning signal will be made after 15:00.


    • Boats and equipment may be inspected at any time.


    • The venue is Draycote Water Sailing Club, Draycote Water, CV23 8AB.
    • The sailing area will be Draycote Water.


    • The course will be Around the club buoys, maps will be available
    • Full details will be in the sailing instruction.


    • The post-race penalty and RYA arbitration of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedures will be available. The post-race penalty will be 30%.


    • One race shall constitute an event
    • If 3 or fewer races have been completed a boats score shall be the total of her race scores
    • If more than 3 races have been completed a boats score shall be the total of her race scores excluding her one worst score.


    • Support boats will not be allowed.


    • Results,

As part of entering this event your results will be published in the public domain and may be given to the RYA for their Portsmouth Yardstick scheme and to the Class Association. While your results contain personal data, it is normal practice to expect that, when entering an event, your results will be published, and this is a condition of entry. It is therefore part of the contract to provide you with race entry and administration that we will publish the results, which may include such information such as sail number, sailing club, age and gender (if there are age and gender related results).

  • Photography,

By competing in this event, competitors grant to the organisers without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any non-identifiable motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event and consent to these being published in class, club, sponsor and other publications and / or the class, club, sponsor or other websites.


    • Rule 3 of the Racing Rules of Sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”
      Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk.
    • By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:
      • They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;
      • They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their property whether afloat or ashore;
      • They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;
      • Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;
      • The provision of a race management team, patrol boats and other officials and volunteers by the event organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;
      • The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions, as can be practically provided in the circumstances;
      • It is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with any risks specific to this venue or this event drawn to their attention in any rules and information produced for the venue or event and to attend any competitors briefing held for the event.
      • The organising authority will not accept any liability for loss, material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


    • Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £3,000,000 per incident or the equivalent.


    • Prizes will be awarded as in 18.2 at prize giving located on the patio asap after packing away.


Prizes to be awarded

Merlin Rocket

Draycote Classic

Draycote Vintage





End of notice of race



Additional information.


Dog are not allowed onsite, but may be walked in the adjacent country park

Vehicles must only be parked where instructed, usually the car parks.

Under no circumstances shall vehicles be on the slipway, foreshore or grass areas


  • The Clubhouse will be open from 08:30 each day.
  • Food will be available until 15;00 each day.
  • The bar will be open from 1200 to at least 1800 each day.


If you are travelling to the club on Friday night and require access, please be aware that the site may be locked after 1900. Please contact the club beforehand if you might require access after this time.


Visitor information can be found HERE


There is no camping on site, but campervans may be parked (for a fee) provided that they are parked in the lower club car park at the far end.


Cars may only be parked in the designated car parks: either the club’s lower car park (free) or the Seven Trent pay & display car parks.


For any further information, please contact the DWSC office: [email protected]


Posted: 13/07/2022 07:23:46
By: Richard Burton

Richard   -   please advise how we register.

Peter  -  3547

Posted: 13/07/2022 09:42:27
By: Peter Male

Hi Peter, registration is on the day in the shop at the front of the clubhouse. I look forward to seeing you there.


Posted: 14/07/2022 16:21:26
By: Richard Burton


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