Topic : Trent Valley Midland Circuit 3rd Oct Only 1 visitor. To many events

Thank you to Guy Browne and his team at Trent Valley a great days sailing and not for getting the famouse sunday dinner roast pork with all the trimmings.

I know theres a lot going on but only one visitor is very sad. We need support these small events or how is the class going to grow. Its ok to say we a whos who at silver tiller events which is great but we do need the grass rootes coming through.

I think we really need cut down the number events if you look at the fixture list you dont need to jion a club just be a member of the RYA and you can sail some where at a Merlin event virtually every weekend. Some days you have a choice of two events to do.

Anyway off my soapbox now it shame when a club organises an event members loose a days sailing and only one visitor turns up!



Posted: 06/10/2021 13:51:44
By: Paul Hollis


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