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For those of you contemplating Merlin Week 2021 who are NOT in the 2020 entry nor on the 2020 waiting list, here is an important announcement.

Merlin Week 2021 entry process

If this years event is cancelled we will run 2021 with the 2020 entry draw outcome, including the waiting list as it stands.

To be express: if you have an entry for a cancelled event this year, then you have an entry for next. Any spaces becoming available on the rolled over entry list will be offered on in the usual way. 

If you would like to add your name to the 2020 waiting list, against the chance the event may roll over to 2021, please email a completed entry form to:

The entry form is here:
Plainly: if we do run the 2020 event, then the roll over to 2021 will not apply.  In that event, we will hold a draw for 2021 (if entries received exceed the event limit of 120 teams) in the usual way.
In completing an entry form no payment is due. Nor are you obliged to accept an entry for this years event (or next come to that).  
It is entirely possible, reading this back, that the foregoing is confusing. Call me, as below, if you need to.  





The provisional date for Merlin Week 2021 is 4th-9th July 2021.







As ever, our best wishes.

Graham Cranford Smith 

pp SYC Merlin Rocket Week Committee.

20th April 2020 

Posted: 20/04/2020 15:25:38
GCS, you say the ‘Draw Outcome’, so does that mean I will have an entry as I was one of the 120 successful entries despite later withdrawing?


Posted: 20/04/2020 16:47:49
By: Jez3686
Same question as Jez..

Posted: 20/04/2020 21:41:56
By: Tim Barr

If we have to postpone the 2020 event to 2021, for logistical reasons, the starting point for the new event will the list as it currently stands on the SYC website, dated 20th April 2020.

We appreciate that this may not favour some.  It is the best we can do in the circumstances.  We anticipate there will be turnover in the entry list between now and July 2021, which is over fourteen months away. If you would like a place on any 2021 waiting list, please email us an entry form and we will gladly add you.
As ever, we always regret that this event is presently over-subscribed. Ideally, we would like to be able to accommodate everyone who would like to sail.  
Current entry list here.  
Graham CS pp SYC 

Posted: 21/04/2020 09:37:24
By: Graham Cranford Smith SYC.
Got an email from salcombe holiday homes saying they are moving date to pay balance to 5 weeks before holiday date. So that's better
Take care all 

Posted: 21/04/2020 15:06:54
By: Logan
Now moved to 3 weeks

Posted: 07/05/2020 10:55:06
By: Logan
I saw a post last night on the Salcombe Town Regatta's official facebook page that the regatta in August has been cancelled :-(

Posted: 12/05/2020 15:15:07
By: Ross 

Posted: 12/05/2020 18:42:07
By: Keith_Callaghan
It would be very useful to know all the Salcombe sailing weeks for 2021
Merlin Week  -                            4th-9th July
Salcome Yacht Club Regatta -    ??? 
Particularly if we asked to roll our accomodation booking over to 2021. 

Posted: 13/05/2020 11:27:27
By: RH


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