Topic : Stiff centrboard

I guess stiff is far better than loose but it is too stiff.

Thoughts on what to check? Seems to have got stiffer since January.

Thanks of any thought or ideas on the matter.

Posted: 17/04/2017 13:16:09
By: Gareth Griffiths NHRC
 Either the friction pad, cheeks of the board or the case has swollen.  Water ingress into the wood can easily cause this, especially if the board was fitted when the whole boat is dry, thus should be looser at that point, until the wood fibres swell in use.  The inside of the case is a place where this can easily happen, as maintenance of this is not easy.

Posted: 18/04/2017 11:49:33
By: Stuart Bates MR3615
Is this with the winder or dream machine?

Posted: 18/04/2017 13:21:54
By: miles
The board in Winder FRP hulls are often tight.
Sometimes its the accumulation of sand/dust/detritus in the box that causes the problem. Giving the box a good clean out should help. Also a liberal squirt of silicone male help. Do this to the sides of the box rather than the board in case you capsize. 
Resist the temptation to sand the board or the box down until the very last resort. 

Posted: 18/04/2017 18:34:39
By: Chris Martin

We had a couple of issues

1. bit of weed up inside the box...

2. bit of slot gasket folded in... 
take the plate out and give it all a clean? 

Posted: 18/04/2017 19:35:22
By: Alan3571
Yes its on the winder

I'll tip her on her side tomorrow and take a look

Couldn't see anything from underneath.

Posted: 19/04/2017 00:20:01
By: Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Elastic on control lines too tight, control lines too short maybe?

Posted: 26/04/2017 13:34:11
By: Gareth Griffiths NHRC
i have come across that too - sometimes prolube/silicone lubricant on the sides of the box helps too - dont put it on the board!

Posted: 29/04/2017 19:40:34
By: Chris Martin


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