Topic : Tiger Tiger big winds

It was a walk in the park barnsie. It was one of those weekends that called for a bit of rake, kicker and plenty of prayer wanged on!

Posted: 20/07/2013 10:15:00
By: Andy Dalby
I'd suggest we use some of the class funds to buy RSC a new wind speed gauge looking at the report.

Posted: 28/12/2013 05:59:06
By: Chris M
So how did it go and what was your Merlin experience at the Tiger Trophy. Had some interesting stories from one or two fast high powered dinghies :) sounds like they'd liked to have their eyes closed as they had a couple of close calls.
Let's hope the Steamer and Freezer are less extreme.

Posted: 22/01/2014 10:14:13
By: Barnsie


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