Topic : NSM 2 Foam sandwich repairs

Help ! I have just bought my first Merlin Rocket, a Foam sandwich NSM2 and want to get on the water as soon as possible.

The problem is some damage to the gunnels where the glass fiber has cracked and one piece has broke off. And more serious a small split in the hull underneath about three inches long.

Can anyone recommend a book or where to get advice on how to make these repairs ?

Posted: 15/07/2009 23:14:57
By: Tony
Hi, I have a FRP NSM2. Regarding the gunnels, turn her over, drill/grind out all of the loose bits, then a bit more, then neatenup with say 40 grit s.paper. Use marine filler or polyester resign with some thickener, if needed lay over fibreglass, wet with resign, then sand untill smooth working down the grades of sandpaper, then gel/paint over that. Same for the crack in the hull-drill/grind all loose bits out. Then make thick mixture with resign + thickener. Then lay over fibreglass if required. PLEASE NOTE- THESE ARE ONLY REPAIRS TO GET YOU ON THE WATER, THIS IS NOT HOW A PROFESSIONAL WOULD DO IT. Cheers, Jon

Posted: 16/07/2009 11:31:40
By: Jon
Tony, Who is the maker and sail number of the boat

Posted: 16/07/2009 12:44:25
By: David
The boat is 3463 and I have been told made by Bagley ?  Any further history would be great ?

Thanks for the repair tips, I also have to make two repairs to the floor forward of the hoop, it looks like the mat has delaminated from the foam, approx 6 sq inch.

Posted: 16/07/2009 18:26:33
By: Tony

I was in at the begining on this project. Drop me a line and I might be able to give you some background info, where are you based ?

Posted: 17/07/2009 07:54:27
By: David


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