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Hi everyone, I'm trying to contact a chap called Roy Trim or Trimm. He would be about 70 now I would think? He used to sail a Merlin Rocket in the 60's and I crewed for him for a while.

I have no idea if he is still around or if he continued with his passion.

Best Wishes all and happy sailing.

Ron sewell

Posted: 14/05/2009 18:37:30
By: Ron Sewell
Not on the MROA members list current year book

Posted: 15/05/2009 08:37:33
By: Garry R
Give us clue whereabouts did you sail with him?

Posted: 15/05/2009 09:05:34
By: .
Mags, all these years you have managed to keep the rubbish of the forum, what is so special about Rot Trim that has attracted porn spammers

Posted: 08/07/2009 22:50:18
By: .
I suspect we don't want to know, but i've deleted them anyway.

Posted: 09/07/2009 08:41:00
By: Chris M


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