Topic : Whitworths new Winder

Anyone have any details on Richards Whitworths new Winder boat. News on the grapevine is that it has some new modifications / adjustable tweaky bits.

Posted: 09/12/2008 15:42:23
By: Curious
You could try RW himself or DW though if they think its going to give that edge they won't tell you!

Posted: 09/12/2008 16:37:25
By: .
centreboard moves forwad and aft, it's been done before although usually more common in longer faster baots, FDs and the occassional 5'oh

Posted: 09/12/2008 16:43:01
By: super sleuth
Heard the rumour from DW, so must be true. Makes sense and just another tweak to play with. Don't you love it, just hope it is automated to the raking system. Soon it'll be a case of pull that rope and wiggle that stick and all else is driven from settings. Simplicity if it works.

Posted: 09/12/2008 16:56:12
By: Barnsie
Didn't Glen have this on 'After Hours' some years back? Recall he took lots of bits off later to shed some weight.

Posted: 09/12/2008 17:26:39
By: Ross
And the centreboard system was pretty much the only bit he left on it, we used it at Shoreham on one of the scarier Open meetings, cranked it fully back pretty much the entire weekend

Posted: 09/12/2008 17:38:52
By: Alex
I think the mast went backwards and forwards too origionally.

Posted: 09/12/2008 17:49:14
By: Chris M
I suspect the transom will be made larger so it is easier to him in the distance

Posted: 09/12/2008 18:34:07
By: Peter Scott
Winged rudder?

Posted: 09/12/2008 20:55:05
By: Wiggler
I saw it in the flesh today when I was dropping mine off for a makeover. Unique colour scheme!

Posted: 09/12/2008 21:05:32
By: Kev Berry
I heard that it has a complex internal design, built to harness powerful 'Whitworth' mind waves enabling it to float 2 inches higher, and sail faster through the water. - Is this true?

Posted: 09/12/2008 21:53:35
By: .
Sounds like a certain fearless driver on Top Gear testing a new concept !

Posted: 10/12/2008 09:14:49
By: .
Whats the unique colour scheme then ?

Posted: 10/12/2008 12:13:12
By: .
whos got 3699 and 3701 ?

Posted: 11/12/2008 11:18:31
By: megan
Think Richards boat should be 3703 . Are we the fastest growing class apart from the major one design brands ?

Posted: 12/12/2008 11:57:51
By: jeremy C

Posted: 12/12/2008 12:21:32
By: .
So which class is?

Posted: 12/12/2008 13:28:16
By: ??

Posted: 12/12/2008 13:28:59
By: David
Ah ha. they have fully battened mainsails! See other thread

Posted: 12/12/2008 23:54:56
By: Alan F


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