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We have had 1886 for many years now sailing her most Sundays in a mixed fleet. I have no details about her what so ever. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Many Thanks, Chris.

Posted: 01/09/2007 19:34:35
By: Chris Barnes
1886 'Windbag' was first recorded in the 1966 year book as a Proctor 1X built by Chippendale. She was finished and first owned by R.E. Bennett, 5 Brerton Place, Brownhills, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs and Rudyard Lake SC. 
Terry Perera from that club was Chairman of the Owners Association at the time. Some readers of this forum may remember the prizegiving evening at the Champs at Weymouth that year! As a consequence of some excessive exuberance at that party we were not invited back until 1975.
Her next owner in the 1969 YB was W.M. Galloway,26 Manor Road, Bramhall, Cheshire and of the same club.
The boat's name was changed to 'Second Choice' and the owner's address to 10 St Michaels Avenue, Bramhall in the 1973 YB. The YBs show no further changes after that year. It would be interesting to learn where and when you found her.

Posted: 01/09/2007 22:48:20
By: Tony Lane
Fantastic, Many Thanks Tony.
All I can add to the history is that we purchased her from Hulme Hall Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire in 1990 (I will confirm that date with my crew!) Since then we have sailed her at Toddbrook Sailing Club in a mixed fleet. She was advertised in the local paper and sold to us as a perfect beginners boat, we had to learn to sail and swim fast!!
I am currently re-rigging her at home in Rode Heath, Cheshire (15 mins from Rudyard Lake!)and looking for a good suit of sails in an attempt to give her new life!.
We have never given her a name so I guess that is still 'Second Choice'.
Once again, many thanks for your information.

Posted: 02/09/2007 10:01:52
By: Chris Barnes
Glad to have been of help. Perhaps Rudyard Lake SC may have membership records that would enable you to trace more past owners of the boat and fill in the history from 1973 to 1990.

Posted: 03/09/2007 06:57:08
By: Tony Lane


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