Topic : More on Hoo Freezer and name spelling

The results of the Hoo freezer winter classic are now on the Yachtsand Yachting website.
It was a bit of a whitewash for Whitstable Merlins and might have been a complete white-out if anyone else from MROA had come.
The less well known names are: Sophie Mackley, crewing Howard Paterson :- new member of Whitstable YC relocating from National 12s with Frances Gifford - also known in Merlins. Rien Zilvoid better known as Rien Zilvold, but who the hell can pronounce, let alone spell, dutch names and, finally, Chris Lewis, the winner with peripatetic Jane, is also known as Chris Lewns to those of us lucky enough to have him as their dentist.
Says something about hand writing on the entry form don't it

Posted: 20/02/2007 20:37:37
By: Lazy non-starter
I don't think Sophie is actually relocating from National 12s, merely adding to her repertoire.  And she loved her first sail in the merlin on Saturday and is looking forward to many more sails at Whitstable.

Posted: 21/02/2007 10:18:23
By: Frances
Lazy non- starter, I filled in the entry form!

Posted: 21/02/2007 13:05:46
By: wandering star
Fran - was the visit to the Freezer to get respite from the unheated flat, or have you got that sorted now???


Posted: 21/02/2007 13:46:34
GGGGG - I didn't go to the Freezer.  The name puts me off.  I sleep next to the oven.  So no, still no heating but its nearly summer.

We did some very lovely 12 sailing on Sunday though. So Sophie really had the best of all worlds, a little sail in a merlin on Saturday with Howard and then back to the familiar little 12 on Sunday. All good.

Hopefully I will be back in a merlin very soon.

Posted: 21/02/2007 14:33:16
By: Frances
Look forward to seeing you then - Jude needs some stiff competition of the female persuasion, and Pat or Alex in drag really don't count!


Posted: 22/02/2007 08:43:15


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