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New merlin owner! Have been restoring my old merlin rocket for a while now, unfortunatley college has put a serious dent in the timescale, however college is finished for summer and work is progressing nicely.

Just wondering if anybody had any tips on how to clean out, strip and then re prime the inside of the centre board casing??!! as any attempts so far have left patches not clean or stripped as they are proving difficult to get to effectivley!

Also are there any merlin rockets owners in the south holland area as i would very benefit and emjoy seeing another merlin that has the fittings attached as an idea or base point on where to start when refitting mine!

Thanx in anticipation of replies,


Posted: 05/07/2006 13:32:23
By: Adam
I never got the inside of the case completely stripped.  I just attached sandpaper to a suitable piece of wood and rubbed it down as best I could.  To paint it I used one of those radiator rollers and rolled the paint up and down.  It looks nice to have a clean look to the inside but when it comes to a gloss finish - well no one is going to be paying much attention down there.  As a matter of interest what type and age of merlin?

Posted: 05/07/2006 13:38:42
By: Garry R


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