Topic : Tamesis ST 17th June

We are still accepting entry forms if you want to save yourself time on the day. (Aslong as they get to us before the event)
Alternatively enter on the day as normal and don't forget to buy tickets for the HOGROAST which will be smoking-up the startline for the last flights.

Posted: 07/06/2006 10:55:50
By: Joe_mcl
Ripper, apparrently there will be an outside bar and some rockin live music - can't wait.

Posted: 07/06/2006 16:22:44
By: Blackie
Sounds great, should be a ball. Late licence as well, the rumours are fierce!

Posted: 07/06/2006 16:41:33
By: Bryn
Are we still good to leave boats in the boat park and camp for the night?

A bit cheeky i know but i can't make the racing but want to come to the party!! and go on in the morning to Putters

Posted: 07/06/2006 20:10:22
By: Jez
So long as you buy a ticket for the party, you will be allowed to camp...

Posted: 08/06/2006 09:20:25
my others half mum is coming from oz and thought we could go to the party

can you just give bit more detaqils on the party
cost ? do you have to buy now
start time
music ?
food ? sorry you probably have this somewhere but you know what other halfs are like

Posted: 08/06/2006 09:29:23
By: Col B
Colin - the party will begin after the sailing stops, tickets are £8.00 and available in advance from Joe Mcglaughlin, or on the day.  

Hog Roast will be served from 18:30 onwards (on a per ticket basis), some vegetarian options will also be available.

Dress casual, music modern, beer various.

Posted: 08/06/2006 10:02:13
By: Andy Harris
that sounds excellent

i trust you will have some proclaimers tracks played

Posted: 08/06/2006 10:54:02
By: Col B
I heard it was Andy McHarris on the bagpipes!

Posted: 08/06/2006 10:57:50
By: Braveheart.
I'm not coming all the way from Aberdeen to hear bagpipes am I?

Posted: 08/06/2006 11:10:45
By: Garry R
You coming to the party then Garry? Still have not met you and swap restoration stories!! I am doing a Hampton boat at the moment. A mark 12 called Boomjack. Off to find some wood tommorow to patch the hole in her bottom!

Looking forward to party, should make it in time for some Pig!

Posted: 08/06/2006 19:16:00
By: Jeremy3550
Surely not Bagpipes outside the Highland Line? It will kilts next.

Posted: 08/06/2006 22:15:50
By: Bauregard Mc-Tavish of Mc-Tavish
If you are planning to sail at Tamesis on Saturday and have not already entered, please ensure you enter immediately on arrival - so that the seedings and flights can be calculated.

Thanks Andy H

Posted: 13/06/2006 10:48:00
By: Andy H


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