Topic : silver tiller qualification

I was wondering if the entries to the cancelled Rutland open counted towards the silver tiller qualification as a "did not start" or something similar?

Otherwise, not only did I have the dissapointment of the meeting cancelled after a 250 mile trip (these things happen) I also need a further unscheduled 500 mile round trip to get the necessary open water meeting in on the south coast to qualify for the silver tiller this year.

I live in the north - so poor car...

Posted: 17/05/2006 11:13:56
By: Poor car...
I suspect it in the sailing instructions that at least one race must be sailed.

Great advert for living in the Midlands.

Except for sea.

and sand, although we have quarries.

Posted: 17/05/2006 18:31:10
By: Midland Circuit Chap
It should count if you've paid the entry fee & theres no plan to re-schedule!

Posted: 17/05/2006 19:14:19
By: likewise


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