Topic : sring conversion - Chris M

I posted this under the Magazine thread, but I dont know if Chris will see it there....

Very inetresting article about converting a Winder Mk1 to a psudo one string system. The article is a bit difficult to follow without any pictures. I would be really interested to learn more about this conversion and if you could either email or post on the website any pictures of the finished system to give greater clarity to the article.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help

Posted: 03/03/2006 11:01:09
By: EdD
Pics will be done - time and weather beat me!

If you are looking at the boat while reading through the article it should make more sense. It is hard to follow without pics, and i will do some within the next week or so in case mags wants it for the website.

Posted: 03/03/2006 12:49:16
By: Chris
Thanks Chris

Posted: 03/03/2006 13:02:10
By: EdD


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