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How do the authorities arrive at the cutoff numbers for old boats, i.e. the Midland circuit?

Is it based on date of construction, date of registration, or something else?

Thanks in advance


Posted: 12/01/2006 15:01:27
By: Jon
can of worms

Posted: 12/01/2006 15:50:01
By: splutter
I think the always do one number less than a certain benchmark. Normally what ever boat Andrew Mills is sailing.

Posted: 12/01/2006 15:59:55
By: Alan F
See Merlin 1018 thread for the Midland cut-offs.
Boat sections for 2006
All comers
Prime of Life (3535 or less)
Mature (3377 or less)

You'll just have to wait a little longer to mature!

Posted: 12/01/2006 23:46:25
By: Amazed
To clarify,
At a recent committee meeting we agreed to adopt a principle of rolling numbers for dividing our fleet up into sections. The principle is three sections.
1) All comers
2) "Prime of Life" aka more than 10 years old;
3) "Mature" (Old?) aka more than 20 years old.

The is also intage and Classic boats.

The numbers are clearly defined by certification at 1st January and listed in the year book.

In certain events, like the Midland Circuit, prizes will be awarded for each section. Lower sections are not excluded from the section above. In 2004, 3442 won both "prime of life" and all comers.

So, check out the boats most eligible in the current year!!

Pebbles? where are you?

steve watson

Posted: 14/01/2006 11:58:24
By: MCC and Committee Rep
Can't wait to see Steve in the MCC tie!

Posted: 14/01/2006 12:56:03
By: Amazed
Mervyn Allen tells me that vintage is more than 30 years old.
So everyone should fit in somewhere.
If you can win a major event in old boat you can scoop a lot of prizes!

Posted: 14/01/2006 19:07:02
By: ex chairman Pat

Thanks for the clarification, the key word for me was certification, I wondered because on my measurement certificate the date of construction was listed as Jan 1st 1986, but was measured in June or July of 1986 - hence I've missed the boat on the old boats by 6 months, if you'll pardon the pun.



Posted: 14/01/2006 19:50:50
By: Jon

We will take the Year book as the Gospel.
If you could change the Gospel, you will be in luck, otherwise its another years wait for you.

I thought the MCC wore white during the day and pretty colours at night? I have a 'One holers' tie, does that count? Of course, qualifiers for the MC will be awarded their personalised shirt. Far rarer than a club tie.

Posted: 15/01/2006 10:47:17
By: MCC and Committee Rep


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