Weymouth Open 2004

The forecast was for a big breeze at the weekend, so a lot of you big girls blouses didn't turn up for the Weymouth open meeting. Two did though, Glen and Davo - predictably they decided not to sail on the Saturday, with points not counting for the Silver Tiller series prudence was clearly deemed the sensible decision by the dream team. So they sat in the pub with some local dorothies they picked up (Lou Lou and Claire) and got drunk.

Up the first beat Tom Stewart lead around the windward mark closely followed by ex National Champions Mike and Jane Calvert. Tom Stewart, or should we say his crew Chris "I don't pay for sails" Downham, opted to fly the kite down the first reach. With a steady 30 knots of breeze it was a stupid move and they were lucky not to have broken their mast when Tom (Bambi) Stewart fell off the back of the boat and they wiped out in spectacular style. This left the course clear for Mike and Jane to take the lead and eventually the race. Dan Alsop lived up to his 'salty sea dog' reputation, making no mistakes in the testing conditions to take 2nd. Stewart had managed to fight back to take 3rd, and relative newcomers Mike and Andy Stephens snatched a very credible 4th.

With worsening forecasts predicted for Sunday many of the competitors decided to enjoy the Weymouth nightlife to extreme, predicting Sunday's racing to be abandoned.

Programme of events:
5:00 - return from sailing
6:00 - boats packed away, sailors prepped for the night ahead
6:01 - sample beers at Brewers Quay
7:00 - top nose bag in local pub washed down with lager beers
7:30 - Davo goes to bed
8:30 - meander over to Weymouth town centre
8:35 - attend 'Rendezvous'
8:36 - realise mistake, head to The Ship
9:45 - return to Rendezvous Tom Stewart presented with shooters
11:00 - arrive in club/hole
12:30 - Tom Stewart bails out and attempts to make his way to B&B, takes a while
1:00 - team 'Armed Forces' slope off (sensible move lads)
1:10 - Chris Downham is found outside club asleep on pavement by Liam and Sticky, woken up and sent home
2:30 - Jackson brothers toddle off to B&B to find Tom Stewart did eventually make it to bed
2:40 - Chris Downham arrives home having bought a burger, fallen asleep on it covering his trousers in sauce, been woken by the local fuzz and told to go home
8:45 - eat fry up very slowly

Lots of sick looking monkeys arrived at the club with team P&B looking decidedly ropey. Davo on the other hand was wide awake and sprightly (damn that common sense and restraint). Glen and Davo, now opting to race, lead from the start with Tom Stewart hot on his heels. Few but the very best dared fly the kite, particularly after Saturday had proved that staying upright could potentially guarantee you a good result. Truswell and Stewart quite literally flew off down the first reach, but while fat boys Glen and Davo laid the gybe mark, Tom and Chris were carrying less weight (probably as they had both off-loaded a lot of weight 'hugging the porcelain' earlier that morning), hence were knocked flat while attempting to climb to the mark. Rainey, Calvert and Alsop sailed through before the pair were able to right themselves, leaving them 5th. Further down the fleet Ross and Alex Jackson not feeling fighting fit either, had managed to capsize in an over zealous tack. Intent on saving some dignity Jackson Junior popped the kite up and they clawed themselves back to just behind the racing pack. Rainey finished 2nd with 15 year old and 7.5 stone crew 'Super Twink' coping with the kite while other less sober professionals (aka Chris Downham) had failed - good skills! Stewart clambered up to 3rd, Alan Warren 4th and Alsop 5th.

By the time the last race began the breeze had built to a strong force 6 with gusts peaking at a registered 45 knots. Many competitors had retired prior to this leaving just 8 out on the course. Only half way up the first beat the race committee took the wise decision to shorten the course and finish competitors at the windwark mark. Again it was Truswell who snatched the bullet, Stewart second, the every improving Stephens 3rd, Alsop 4th and Warren 5th. Unfortunately neither Ross nor myself understand what any of the flags meant so didn't register the shortened course and assumed it was abandoned, consequently missing out the finish, doh!

Alex Jackson

Overall results

3573	Rong Number		Glen Truswell & Paul Davies		2pts
3628	Trigger Happy		Tom Stewart & Chris Downham 		4pts
3629	Zero Gravity		Will Rainey & Rachel Williamson		8pts
3539	Gangsta Paradise	Dan Alsop & Jennie King			9pts
3616	Golden Snitch 2		Alan Warren & Liam Dempsey		9pts